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Creighton 1, UConn 0 Post Game Quotes

Dec. 2, 2012

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UConn Head Coach Ray Reid

“I want to congratulate Creighton and wish them good luck.  I thought we started really well. It was almost too easy. The first 20 minutes. I thought we missed a few we should have finished.  We took our foot off the gas, that breathed a little life into them the rest of the half.  I thought the second half we probably dominated the whole half.  We had some half chances.  We didn’t get a lot of good looks.  I thought the keeper made a good save on Carlos, that one in the box that George (Fochive) shot.  But we didn’t get a lot of clean looks.”

“Like I said last week, the game is cruel game.  You’ve gotta score more than they do.  You can’t rely on this guy next to me (Andre Blake) all the time to pitch a shutout.  If we had more time, with the character of this team, we probably get the goal back.  With a minute and a half, that’s tough.  We almost did it though.”

If you could do anything differently, what would you do?

“We could have made played Zuniga longer than Beso, or we could have slipped Beso into the middle as another front guy.  We were concerned about them on the counter.  Beso’s not a great defensive player to begin with, nor is Nick at this point in his career.  If we were going to overtime we were going with two front guys without Beso, but obviously we didn’t get to overtime.  We knew the first goal would be pivotal. We didn’t want to go with two forwards too early and expose ourselves and give up the goal.  Even at the end, not to take anything away from them, that play should have been broken up early on.”

On being offside so often:

“We were offside five times in the first half.  Pure, frankly, stupidity.  I think we were drifting and weren’t tactically smart.  What do you do for that besides work on beating the line at practice?  I mean if we had gotten through a little cleaner, like the one Mamadou (Diouf) had earlier in front of our bench going to goal, they would have stopped pulling that high line.”

Max Wasserman

“I never thought I’d feel this way, ever in my life.  There’s not much to say.  This is the best group of guys I’ve ever been around.  It’s a shame.”

Carlos Alvarez

“I was desperate.  It was the last minute, I just wanted to score.  We didn’t get the job done.”

“I owe a lot to this community.  I’m thankful for all the support everyone has given me.  I’m sorry I couldn’t get the job done with my teammates."

Creighton Players

Jose Gomez

On his play as an attacking midfielder all year and his positioning in this game on the field:

“Yeah there were times were I had to play back with Zach or Brent . But, I mean it was the same concept just keeping the ball in and putting my teammates in a better spot with the ball. Playing through balls, keeping the ball in the game.”

Brent Kallman

On getting to the college cup back to back years:

 “It feels incredible. It was awesome to get there last year and to do it again back to back years when everyone is gunning for you. It’s a great accomplishment, it’s unbelievable. It says a lot about our program and our team. How we prepare and come to work. And we have a lot of new guys. I think it feels better the second time again.”

Goalkeeper Jeff Gal

On making the saves at the end of the game in traffic:

“Yeah they did put a lot of people in the box.  I think it was that split second where I was able to see the whole ball coming. That’s when I was able to see where it was going and I was fortunate to make those saves.”

Christian Blandon

On the game-winning goal:

“Feels great, coming off the bench. The first half, I had one that I should have made and it just feels great to have another opportunity which was a minute before the game ended. And to get our team back to the college cup. It feels great.”