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Men's Soccer Italy Blog Update: Day 5

The Huskies enjoyed another busy day in Rome on Tuesday

May 17, 2016

ROME, Italy - In the midst of an 11-day trip to Italy on May 12-23, the UConn men's soccer team wrapped up its fifth day of travel in Rome on Tuesday.

The team, which is detailing its trip via a daily blog posted to, is spending its stay in Rome. The Huskies opened match play on Monday with a 1-1 draw vs. Ternana Calcio behind a goal from rising junior Cheikh Stephane Coly.

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Day Five (Written by Santiago Muriel)


Tuesday was another exciting day in Rome for the team. It all began with a much needed recovery from the tough game against Turnana. After the recovery session the boys had another delicious lunch at the MET restaurant near the Stadio Olympico in downtown Rome.

The afternoon was spent touring the most iconic sites of the city. First up, we spanned the Spanish Steps which overlooked downtown Rome. Down the steps and through the Italian streets led us to the famous Trevi Fountain, where most of the guys made wishes to improve their love lives (Alex Sanchez). At the Trevi Fountain the team enjoyed some of the best gelato Italy has to offer, which was especially refreshing on this hot Tuesday afternoon. After the fountain, we walked down the street to the Pantheon which was a very unique experience, as it is one of oldest and most impressive buildings in Rome! The tour concluded in the AS Roma store, where many of the guys were able to pick up some awesome Roma gear. After exploring the city for another hour, we were taken to The Perfect Bun, where we enjoyed some good ole-fashioned American cuisine. Back at the hotel, the boys crashed early to be ready for another jam-packed day on Wednesday. Until tomorrow, Ciao!