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Men's Soccer Wraps Up Days 6-7 in Italy

UConn spent Wednesday afternoon at the training session of AS Roma

May 19, 2016

ROME, Italy - In the midst of an 11-day trip to Italy on May 12-23, the UConn men's soccer team wrapped up its seventh day of travel in Rome on Thursday.

The team, which is detailing its trip via a daily blog posted to, is spending its stay in Rome. The Huskies opened match play on Monday with a 1-1 draw vs. Ternana Calcio behind a goal from rising junior Cheikh Stephane Coly.

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Highlights vs. Ternana:

Day Six (Written by Jake Nerwinski)

It was another great day in the Italy for the UConn men's soccer team. Today was not as jam packed with tours and site seeing but the team was in for a treat as we were able to train at AS Roma's training field in Trigoria, Italy. Upon finishing practice, the team was fortunate enough to watch the first team of AS Roma train. This was truly a great experience for all the guys. With being only a few feet away from some of the best soccer players in the world, many of the guys were speechless. Watching them train was the highlight of the trip thus far.

After the training had ended, the players of AS Roma were generous enough to come over to our team and meet us. Nkosi Burgess even managed to get a jersey from one of the team members! With all the guys extremely happy and full of high spirits, we loaded the bus and headed to the beach for a very tasty lunch! The restaurant that we are at was directly overlooking the beach. Lunch with that kind of view was exactly what the players were looking for after a long morning of training.

When lunch was finished the team headed back to the hotel. Many of the guys decided to go on their own and explore this magnificent city. Most of the major plazas were only a ten minute taxi drive away so it was easy for the players to find cool spots within Rome. The night ended with yet another great dinner and desert. After dinner the team headed back to the hotel to hang out and watch the Europa League Championship game. That was all for day six in Rome! Until tomorrow Husky fans!

Day Seven


The seventh day of our foreign tour kicked off with another home style Italian breakfast at our hotel, fueling our engines for another jam-packed day. The team headed out for another important training session at Italian Olympic Training Facility, unfortunately our much expected clash versus AS Roma was rescheduled for Saturday. After a quick shower we had a delicious lunch at our very own hotel to prepare ourselves for the tour filled day!


After lunch the boys headed to Campo de Flori, an authentic plaza/outdoor market at the center of Rome. Many of the guys were able to buy authentic Italian souvenirs, only found at the plaza. The plaza was surrounded by many popular stores like Nike and Adidas, where we were able to compare Italian styles to our American ones. After a long day of exploring the center of Rome, we headed for a delicious three course dinner at a very famous Italian restaurant, ‘Il Pomodorino’. The boys headed back to the hotel after dinner for some much needed sleep, as the whole week has been very tiring. Everybody is looking forward to tomorrow’s Vatican City tour!