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Men's Soccer Tops Latina, 3-1, Concludes Italy Trip

Abdou Mbacke Thiam tallied two goals in the Huskies' 3-1 win over Calcio on Saturday

May 23, 2016

ROME, Italy - In the midst of an 11-day trip to Italy on May 12-23, the UConn men's soccer team wrapped up its final day of travel in Rome on Saturday. 

The team, which detailed its trip via a daily blog posted to, spent its stay in Rome. The Huskies opened match play on Monday with a 1-1 draw vs. Ternana Calcio behind a goal from rising junior Cheikh Stephane Coly and continued match play on Saturday with a 3-1 victory over Latina Calcio.

In the Huskies' win over Calcio, rising sophomore Abdou Mbacke Thiam tallied two goals, while rising senior co-captain Jake Nerwinski sealed the match with his first score of the trip. The Husky leader detailed day 10 of the team's trip with a blog post below. 

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Day 10 (Written by Jake Nerwinski)

Ciao, UConn Huskies fans! 

It was game day here in Italy for the UConn Men's soccer team. The day began with breakfast and a pregame meal at the hotel. Following the pregame meal, the guys suited up and loaded the bus for a game against Latina Calcio. After roughly an hour and a half bus ride to Latina's training ground, the team stepped off the bus ready to end the foreign tour on a good note with a win today. 

That is just what the Huskies did. The team came out sharp and played a great 90 minutes of soccer. The UConn men's soccer team beat Latina Calcio, 3-1, with goals by Abdou Thiam (2) and one by yours truly (Jake Nerwinski) which was the third goal of the match to put the dagger in Latina. The team fought extremely hard and was able to control the game for the entire 90 minutes. Also to mention, Mikael DaSilva recorded his first appearance for the Huskies by putting in a very solid 15 minutes of play. 

With the team in high spirits after the game, we headed to dinner. With yet another delicious four course Italian meal, the team then enjoyed a long bus ride back which included a heavy amount of team singing. What's some team bonding without singing Ed Sheeran songs together! 

After returning to the hotel the guys packed up their suitcases and got some much deserved rest. There was no better way to end this unforgettable experience with a win! Ciao everyone!

Day 11 (Written by Santiago Muriel)

On our last day in Rome, we packed our bags and got ready for an early flight back to New York. We left the hotel at 5:30 in the morning, giving us time to relax at the airport before our long flight at 10:00. Some of the guys used this time to pick up last minute gifts for friends and family or grab a bite to eat before takeoff. The flight was nine hours from Rome to New York and lots of the guys slept for the majority of the flight, while others relaxed and watched movies. 

Upon arrival in New York, a long drive back to Storrs left most of the guys snoozing on the bus. Everyone seems happy to be back in the States after a very eventful and tiring 10 days abroad. Hopefully the jet lag wears off before preseason!