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MLS Huskies Part VI: Playing Through The Pressure

June 8, 2015

Every Monday, UConn men's soccer will take a look at some of the former Connecticut standouts currently playing in Major League Soccer or other professional leagues. We will provide updates on their teams and share some insight from the players, who have all answered a variety of questions regarding their pro careers.

MLS Weekly Recap
Cyle Larin | F | Orlando City (Record: 4-5-5) | Saturday's Result: 3-2 win over Chicago

>> Came off the bench and played the final 24 minutes of the match
>> Netted the equalizer in the 82nd minute, scoring from just outside the box
>> Has totaled five goals in MLS play this season
George Fochive | M | Portland Timbers (Record: 6-4-5) | Saturday's Result: 2-0 win over New England
>> Dressed but did not see any playing time
Tony Cascio | M | Orlando City (Record: 4-5-5) | Saturday's Result: 3-2 win over Chicago
Did not appear
Andre Blake | GK | Philadelphia Union (Record: 4-3-9)
Wednesday's Result: 3-0 win over Columbus
>> Did not appear (Currently Injured)
Saturday's Result: 2-1 loss to New York City
Did not appear (Currently Injured)
Sergio Campbell | D | Columbus Crew (Record: 4-4-6)
Wednesday's Result: 3-0 loss to Philadelphia

>> Made his first career MLS start
>> Played all 90 minutes and finished with two shots
Saturday's Result: 2-1 loss to Montreal
Did not appear

This Week's Question: How did playing in front of big crowds at UConn help prepare you for the MLS?
Cyle Larin --
"I think UConn helped prepare me well for playing in front of big crowds in the MLS because it makes it easier when you have experience with a large audience and you know what to expect. But it has also been fun to play in front of larger crowds at the pro level."
George Fochive -- "It helped because the pressure of playing in front of a large crowd wasn't there when I reached the MLS. When I played at UConn, I got to understand that our fans were there for us so it was exciting to play in front of them. The same goes here except the crowd is quadrupled." 
Tony Cascio -- "I think playing in front of large crowds at UConn was a big help in transitioning to the bigger crowds in the MLS. Morrone stadium created a great atmosphere for the games, and it made it that much easier to play in front of large crowds in the MLS."
Andre Blake -- "
As for me, I had played in front of large crowds before with my national team. But UConn has amazing fans, and the goal patrol have definitely contributed to me being able to handle large and loud crowds so to speak."
Sergio Campbell -- "I think it was helpful that I was used to a loud and rowdy atmosphere. Yes there are more fans in the MLS crowd, but I am used to the environment and I feel more at home when you know you have a huge fan base and support system cheering you on."
Jossimar Sanchez (Defender for the Swedish Pro Team Nykopings BIS) -- "It made it easier to be able to play through all that and not get caught up in the moment and let that take over. Being able to play at UConn in front of huge crowds trained you to deal with that. The more you are in that situation the easier it gets to be able to control your own emotions and play through what could be an overwhelming situation otherwise."