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Off the Pitch With Ray Reid

Aug. 24, 2009

Well, we finished our first week of training and we feel that we were able to accomplish a lot. We started on Sunday August 16th and trained through Friday August 21st. On Saturday we played Hartwick College to a 0-0 draw at Morrone Stadium in front of 1,013 fans.

This has been quite an interesting week. We have watched how our new players have worked to fit themselves into our program. Our older returning players have done a great job of returning to pre-season extremely fit and have done an outstanding job of mentoring our new players.

On Sunday after a light training session, we took our team off campus for a little bit of fun. It was great to see some of our players competing in other sports. We were treated to watching Stephane DIOP and Lionel Brown play basketball.

Also, we had the opportunity to watch Toni Stahl play quarterback and possibly the best of the day was watching Carlos Alvarez swing the wiffleball bat. Although it was closely matched by Stefan Berkeley's underhanded basketball shot from midcourt. It was great to see our players mingle together socially and to see their other strengths as athlete's come out.

After an afternoon of sports and food we returned to campus so the boys could get a well deserved night off. We start on Monday back again with double sessions as we prepare for our next exhibition match against UMass on Saturday night at Morrone Stadium.