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Off the Pitch with Ray Reid

Aug. 31, 2010

People often call the Holiday Season " the most wonderful time of the year". Most college soccer coaches would tell you that August is the most wonderful time of the year. As mid August arrives, the players check-in for Preseason and it is a time just to be with your players and start to develop your team.

Although the Preseason (2 weeks) is not nearly enough time to prepare your team, it is what the NCAA allows and as a coach, you have to make the best of it. Most programs have 2 or 3 Preseason matches, which are useful in the evaluation of personnel and finding out strengths and weaknesses of your group.

With the conclusion of the Preseason, it is now time to open up the regular season. To say that this is an exciting time around the University of Connecticut would be an understatement. In our final Preseason match on Saturday against Boston University 4,600 spectators attended the match. You can count on one hand the number of schools in the country that have this crowd support. Our fans are the best in America. Students, youth players, Alumni, soccer fans, and local businessman are constantly in attendance at our venue. Our players get to compete in one of the best environments in North America. That is correct, not just in college soccer but in North America. Our players are very fortunate to be able to play in front of some of the best crowds in the country.

This year's version of the Huskies are a young group. We are very excited by the mentality and make up of our team. Time will tell how we will be as a team, but my observations from the Preseason is that we have a very tight close knit group of young men.

We hope to see you at our two home matches this weekend at Morrone stadium.