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Off the Pitch with Ray Reid

Sept. 7, 2010

The boys will be back this week. That's right, this weekend we will be honoring our 2000 National Championship Team. The festivities will begin with our annual Meet the Huskies Dinner on Friday evening and will include being presented at both our football game and Futbol match on Saturday, and will conclude with a team brunch on Sunday. To say the 2000 team is excited to be back together is an understatement.

What a fantastic group of people this team is. This team won the top prize and did it by playing great soccer and always with dignity and class. They were always focused at the task at hand, and really did things the right way. When they stared adversity in the face, they handled it every time.

Associate Head Coach John Deeley and I always talk about the "togetherness" of the group and how when things got difficult, they would step up to the challenge. Our 2000 National Championship Team showed great perseverance and handled adversity tremendously well. I think our ability to do this was based largely on the character of the group. When I recruited this group, there was a large emphasis on what type of person they were and there would be no settling for players who would not fit in. It took countless hours and many trips, but we got the right group.

One of the most enjoyable parts of winning the championship was how we played to win it. Even to this day, so many teams don't try to play the game, instead they defend, look for the 2nd ball and rely on destruction rather than creativity. Our group always played and won by playing attractive, positive futbol. We put our will on the game, we didn't just settle for playing for results.

This promises to be a great reunion this weekend. The more I think about it, the more excited I get about seeing the boys.