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Dave Adams Featured In Tennis Recruiting Network

Dave Adams

May 21, 2012

STORRS, Conn. - Dave Adams stands tall at 6'6" tall, and the big right-hander just finished his college tennis career at the University of Connecticut. Team captain this past year, Adams played all three doubles positions over his career as well as positions 3 through 6 in singles.

Contributor Harry Cicma talked with Adams about his college tennis experiences - from recruiting through college itself.

Questions and Answers

Harry Cicma (HC): What advice would you give to a high school player looking to play college tennis?

Dave Adams (DA): Make sure to pursue schools that you are interested in for both tennis and academics. College tennis is a great experience, and a lot can be learned from the camaraderie and work ethic that players gain through their college career. Stay focused during the high school tennis years and keep specific college tennis aspirations in mind.

HC: What was your best experience playing in the Big East?

DA: My best experience playing Big East tennis was every bus ride with my team. They are my closest friends at school and each bus ride was an adventure and full of nonstop jokes. I'm definitely going to miss that.

The best competitive moment for me in the Big East was beating Villanova at the Big East tournament in 2011 and getting the chance to play against Louisville.

HC: What was the toughest transition from junior tennis to college tennis?

DA: The level of intensity was extremely high all the time. I was used to a more relaxed tennis schedule. I had become comfortable with my schedule in the juniors, and it was difficult to get settled in a new environment with a whole new schedule. I had to get my mind right to get ready to work hard and give 100% each day to make myself better.



HC: What are your goals after college?

DA: I accomplished one of my goals by landing a job in New York City after school. I will be working for Moody's Investors Service starting in July. Once I arrive at Moody's, I plan to learn as much as possible and provide as much value to the company as I can. In the future, I am thinking of attending business school to obtain an MBA.

HC: Your older brother, Gabe Adams, played D-I tennis at Rutgers. How did he inspire you and help your game?

DA: Gabe was a major influence on me on several different levels. He showed me that hard work and perseverance on the court can help you accomplish your tennis goals. He will always be a major factor in my life as will my parents Ken and Anita, and my oldest brother, Jeremy. I owe most if not all of my success to their undying support.