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Scott Warden to Lead the Huskies for 2011-12

Scott Warden will captain UConn this season.

Oct. 13, 2011

By Myles Udland

Scott Warden has been named captain for the UConn men's tennis team for the 2011-12 season. Warden, a senior in his fourth year with the Huskies, was impressed with UConn's campus and academics from his first visit. "I just love the campus," says Warden, a native of Boardman, Ohio. "UConn has a good business school, and that's what I want to do. I'm glad I ended up here."

Warden has been a contributor for the Huskies in each of his first three seasons and now moves in to a slot at both first singles and doubles. Warden spent last season playing first doubles with then-captain Andrew Marcus, and this experience primed Warden for this year's task as captain. "Last year Andrew was our only senior. And I was playing high up the lineup with him, and I naturally fell in to a leadership role."

But Warden's on-court success is not the only thing has landed Warden the captainship for 2011-12.

Coach Glenn Marshall knows Warden as a leader on and off the court, and most importantly, in the classroom. "Scott has a good GPA, and is a hard worker. He's a guy who helps our program in a number of ways," says Marshall.

Warden, a business major concentrating in finance, was a Big East All-Academic selection for the 2010-2011 school year. And excellence in the classroom, as well on the court, makes Warden a guy that Marshall wants the younger players on the team to look up to. "It isn't always obvious coming in to a season who your captain is going to be, but this year with Scott it was an easy decision," says Marshall.

Warden knows the school-year-long season for tennis is a long grind and he has two sets of goals for the Huskies this year. "In the fall we just want to get better, get in shape, and win as much as possible," says Warden. "And in the spring, I'd like to beat Georgetown and Villanova."

Individually, Warden hopes to achieve a winning record at both singles and doubles. However, Warden's career records of 61-31 at singles and 60-35 at doubles indicate that this is perhaps a modest goal for the captain. But this humble, level approach to his game that makes Warden the right man to lead the Huskies through the 2011-12 season.