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The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is an organization that seeks to unify the student athlete body and provide them a voice in matters concerning The University of Connecticut, the American Athletic Conference, and the NCAA communities. The unified voices of team representatives in SAAC provide input on NCAA regulations as well as other issues relevant to student-athletes. In addition, SAAC members help coordinate several community service projects throughout the year that many of the teams participate in. Typically, SAAC members are composed of at least 2 representatives from each varsity team which congregates for meetings on a monthly basis. The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is dedicated to enhancing the student-athlete experience and fostering a positive atmosphere in athletics.

Mission Statement: The mission of UConn SAAC is to encourage student athletes to uphold the values of pride, responsibility, respect of the University of Connecticut while allowing these athletes to develop skills that help their larger local communities and foster a positive student-athlete image.