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SASP Holds Your Future Self Workshop

April 13, 2017

STORRS, Conn. - The University of Connecticut Student-Athlete Success Program (SASP) played host to a “Your Future Self” workshop on Tuesday, April 11. It was a workshop focused on student-athletes finding their identity, establishing their core values and setting goals.

Trisha Hawthorne-Noble, Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development and Community Outreach, facilitated this workshop. She is also a former student-athlete at UConn, who was an All-American in track and field.

Student-athletes from sports such as rowing, men’s track and field and cross country, women’s lacrosse and women’s swimming and diving took part in the event.

The goal of the workshop was to help ease the anxieties that student-athletes often face throughout college. It not only focused on athletic identity, but on life after college sports. Student-athletes went through a “Who Am I” series, which forced them to think about themselves, something they admitted to not doing often enough. Following that, they went through a values exercise – taking 66 words (values) and getting to their core values (three). This exercise proved to be difficult, yet rewarding.

Following the values, students focused on long term and short-term goals while aiming to keep them in alignment with their core values. Lastly, all were asked to write a letter to their future self, five years from now, which is an exercise to help student-athletes stay on track with their goals and dreams.

The workshop also covered areas that student-athletes may face after college sports. Whether a student-athlete goes professional, attends graduate school or secures a full-time job – they all go through a transitional period.

Student-athletes filled out comment cards following the workshop and here are a few thoughts:

“This felt very applicable to my life right now. At this point in the semester when grades are tough and your future looks hard, it was nice to look at myself and ask what do I really want, need and value? It makes the small things small.”



“I like how much this workshop made me think of myself. It is something I normally wouldn’t do, but now I feel like I’ll start to do it more often.”

“I like this workshop. For once, I was able to think myself and stop and focus on my goals.”

“Although I’ve thought about all these things, I never wrote them down. I also found that my goals are in line with my values and can be more in line with them.”