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HuskyLEADS Holds Successful First Year

May 15, 2017

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STORRS, Conn. - The UConn Student-Athlete Success Program (SASP) recently finished its first year of a leadership program. The program, which consisted of approximately 65 student-athletes, was held in collaboration with UConn's Division of Student Activities and its Involvement and Leadership Program.

HuskyLEADS (Lead. Elevate. And. Develop. Student-Athletes) began in the fall and is designed to empower, educate and engage student-athletes identified as captains, or potential team captains, through monthly leadership workshops.

Topics covered and facilitated by Krista O'Brien, Coordinator of Leadership Programs in the Student Activities department were: What is Leadership?/Leadership Styles & Theories, Strengths and Values, Goals and Goal Setting, Team Building and Problem Solving and Leaving a Legacy.

HuskyLEADS mission is to empower, educate, and prepare student-athletes during their collegiate career by providing leadership resources that will develop them for years during and post college. Student-athletes have given positive feedback and have stated that through the workshops, they learned a lot about their strength, values and leadership style.

"It is encouraging to hear student-athletes within the program state that because of `LEADS' their eyes are open to possibilities," said Trisha Hawthorne-Noble, Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development and Community Outreach at SASP.

Student-athletes are interested in continuing the program and adding multiple sessions per month to continue to grow and learn as an individual. The program will expand to include another tier, which will include a student-athlete leadership board, mentoring and facilitation.

Student-athletes are able to understand their style of leadership through this program and will be able to apply the skills acquired to their academic, athletic and personal lives.