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SASP Staff

Our staff is comprised of seven full time academic counselors, a learning specialist, tutor coordinator, a coordinator for community outreach and student-athlete development and two interns. Our full time staff members have significant years of experience in higher education and intercollegiate athletics and are fully committed to the support, guidance, encouragement, and advisement of our student-athletes.

Ellen Tripp
Associate Athletic Director/Director of Student-Athlete Success Program

Alana Butler
Academic Counselor: Baseball, Field Hockey, Softball, Men's Ice Hockey

Lindsay Darcy
Academic Counselor: Women's Ice Hockey, Men's Swimming, Women's Swimming, Women's Track

Cynthia Gilmore-Mordus
Administrative Assistant

Trisha-Ann Hawthorne-Noble
Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development and Community Outreach

Ingrid Hohmann
Academic Counselor: Lacrosse, Volleyball, Women's Soccer, Women's Tennis

Stephanie Keith
Tutorial Coordinator & Academic Counselor: Football

Kelli Kozaryn
Academic Counselor & Tutoring Liaison: Football, Men's Tennis

Jennifer Holowaty
Learning Specialist: Football, Men's Soccer

Rachel Mathews
Academic Advisor: Women's Rowing, Men's Track and Field/Cross Country

Sofia Read
Graduate Intern - Community Outreach and Student-Athlete Development

Sara Renzulli
Learning Specialist

Anthony Ritossa
Student-Athlete Development and Academic Intern

Victoria Simonoff
Academic Counselor: Men's Basketball