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The University of Connecticut (UConn) is committed to adhering to NCAA rules and regulations. The University is responsible for the conduct of any individual or organization affiliated with the Division of Athletics. As a contributor to UConn Athletics, you are designated as a representative of athletic interests or a "rep" or a "booster" by the NCAA and thus are responsible for adhering to NCAA regulations. According to NCAA Bylaw, UConn must inform any individual or organization that receives benefits or privileges relating to the athletics program that such benefits may be withheld if the individual or organization engages in conduct that is determined to be a violation of NCAA regulations.

UConn values your interest and support of the Division of Athletics. Your support and assistance in the area of rules compliance is greatly needed. In order to educate you on NCAA rules and regulations, the Office of Compliance annually distributes an informational brochure entitled "University of Connecticut NCAA Guidebook." This brochure provides you with a brief summary of the most important NCAA regulations as it pertains to representatives' relationships with prospective and current student-athletes. The Division of Athletics abides by the fundamental rule of thumb that one should ask before acting, so please contact us with any questions. Failure to adhere to NCAA rules and regulations may result in severe ramifications for UConn.

If you need more information about NCAA rules and regulations, please visit or call the Division of Athletics' Compliance Office at 860.486.1211.