HALL OF FAME$100,000 and above
    GOLDEN HUSKY$2,500-$4,999
    ASSISTANT COACH$250-$499


    Benefits Chart


    The Division of Athletics uses the priority point system in an effort to fairly allocate seats to current donors. The system is designed to acknowledge both consistent annual giving (through retention of permanent points) and current year giving (through bonus points).

    Points and/or season tickets may not be transferred from one person to another or from one account to another. Also, the University does not transfer points or tickets by the virtue of wills. In the event of the death of an account holder or season ticket holder, the surviving spouse (the definition of spouse is consistent with applicable state law) retains the points, providing that the surviving spouse is on the account at the time of death.

    Annual pledges/donations earn three types of priority points; permanent points, bonus points (for non-football/basketball seat donations), and membership points.

    1 permanent point is earned for every $100 pledged/donated to UConn Athletics. Permanent points are awarded for football and basketball seat donations. Permanent points accrue and are cumulative.

    1 bonus point is earned for every $100 pledged/donated to UConn Athletics. Bonus points are temporary points for the pledge year only (not cumulative). Bonus points are not rewarded for football or basketball seat donations.

    At the end of each pledge year (March 31), bonus points are removed from the donor account.

    2 membership points are earned each pledge year (with a minimum annual donation of $100). Membership points accrue and are cumulative.

    Example: A new member making a $5,000 pledge/donation in a pledge year, based on the priority point calculation formula:

    $5,000 Pledge/Donation Yields:

    50 Permanent Points

    50 Bonus Points (not for football/basketball seat donations)

    2 Membership Points

    102 Total priority points earned for the pledge year; and 52 points will carry forward into the new pledge year


    Contributions to The UConn Foundation, Inc. for UConn Athletics are deductible to the extent permitted by law. You are encouraged to consult your tax advisor. The tax benefit is received in the calendar year in which the donation is actually made. The receipt that the Foundation sends to all donors when a payment is paid will indicate the calendar date received for tax purposes. The following issues may affect the deductibility of your gift:

    Season Tickets- Donors to UConn Athletics, are entitled to receive preferred seating locations for season tickets purchased for football, men's soccer, women's soccer, men's ice hockey, men's basketball, or women's basketball. The cost of tickets is not tax deductible. However, Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 170(l) provides that if a taxpayer makes a payment to or for the benefit of a university and, as a result, receives the right to purchase tickets for seating at an athletic event, he or she is eligible to deduct 80% of his or her contributions for federal tax purposes. In accordance with IRC Section 170(l), all donors who are entitled to purchase tickets with preferred seating and who do not request a waiver of points (explained below) may be eligible to deduct only 80% of their contribution for federal income tax purposes. Patrons making a seat donation will receive a receipt acknowledging the donation. Please consult your professional tax advisor. Additionally, matching gifts cannot be used to pay for a seat.

    Waiver of Points- In order to deduct 100% of a contribution to UConn Athletics, the donor must submit in writing a wavier or points at the time of making a pledge and/or contribution. In requesting a waiver of points, the donor further understands that he or she forfeits priority points and their application as it relates to ticket assignment and allocation; once priority points are forfeited, they cannot be credited retroactively to a donor's account. A donor who waves points will still be eligible for other benefits as described on pages 8-9, unless they too are waived in writing. Only through a waiver of points is a contribution eligible for 100% tax deduction.

    Other Benefits- The Internal Revenue Code also addresses benefits (other than priority seating) that a donor may receive as a result of the contribution. A donor may only deduct the amount of a contribution that is more than the value of all benefits received. Car decals, newsletters, and other token items do not reduce the amount eligible for deduction for tax purposes; however, other goods or services a donor receives in consideration for donations, such as those described on pages 8-9, can further reduce deductibility of a gift. Please consult your tax advisor.

    Substantiation Requirements- As required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), The UConn Foundation, Inc. will furnish donors with receipts for contributions. Donors should retain their receipts for federal income tax purposes.

    For more information, please contact the UConn Athletic Development Office at (860) 486-3863 or uconnclub@foundation.uconn.edu.