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Seating requests for all ticketed sports are allocated by the use of the priority point system. Current donors to UConn Athletics are entitled to receive preferred seating locations for season tickets purchased for football, men's soccer, women's soccer, men's ice hockey, men's basketball and women's basketball.

Ticket Services

Ticket Transfer

Ticket Transfer allows UConn season ticket holders to electronically send their tickets to another fan of their choosing. The recipient then gets an email notifying them of the transfer and instantly receives the tickets via print-at-home delivery.

Ticket Marketplace

UConn Ticket Marketplace is another benefit to help season ticket holders buy and sell the best available seats for UConn games. By using the UConn Ticket Marketplace to buy tickets from fans who are current season ticket holders, you are assured that you are buying valid tickets in a transaction fully supported by the UConn Division of Athletics.


Print-At-Home is an electronic delivery method by which your tickets are emailed directly to you immediately after your purchase. You will receive two emails after your purchase; the first will be your Print-At-Home email with your tickets attached, the second will be your order confirmation email (does not include tickets).

To purchase tickets visit: UConn Athletics Ticket Center or call the UConn Athletics Ticket Office at 1 (877) 288- 2666 or (860) 486-2724.


Rentschler Field

You may order as many season tickets as desired. However, the first 12 seats in any desired seat type will be allocated by priority points. Any remaining tickets will be seated after all donors within the seat type are allocated.

Football Seat Donations

A football seat donation is a tax-deductible contribution that enables patrons to select their desired seat type at Rentschler Field- Club, Mezzanine Chairback, Upper Chairback, or Preferred (based on availability). A seat donation qualifies a patron as a current donor and earns priority points.

In accordance with IRS Code 170(I), 80% of the seat donation may be eligible for a charitable tax deduction for federal income tax purposes. Patrons making a seat donation will receive a receipt acknowledging the donation. The cost of tickets is not tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor. Additionally, matching gifts cannot be used to pay for a seat donation.

The donor is responsible for the financial commitment of the annual seat donation and tickets for the duration of the term. Defaulting on the seat donation and/or ticket commitment will adversely affect your account and can prevent a donor from receiving future season tickets.

Click here to view Rentschler Field seating chart.

To order UConn Football tickets click here or call (860) 486-2724 or toll free at 1- (877) 288-2666.


You may order as many season tickets as desired. However, the number of seats guaranteed together will be based on current donor level. Seating allocation will be determined by priority points.

It is difficult to predetermine seat location, as it depends on the demand for season tickets and the desirability of sections.

Please review the point total seating charts for the 2014-15 season below. These are the best indicators of the number of priority points that may be necessary for the 2015-16 season for current donors. Be reminded that while these numbers were accurate for 2013-14 season, it is impossible to predict the projected point totals for specific seat locations. These are just estimated guidelines.

To order UConn Basketball tickets click here or call (860) 486-2724 or toll free at 1-(877) 288-2666.

Men's Basketball Priority Seating

Seating in Gampel Pavilion

Sections2014-15 Point Total
109, 1212,783 and above
108, 110, 120, 1221,752 - 2,782
107, 111, 119, 1231,282 - 1,751
113, 114, 116, 1171,009 - 1,281

Seating in XL Center

Sections2014-15 Point Totals
102-105, 114-1171,288 and above
101, 106, 113, 118701 - 1,287
107, 112, 119, 124268 - 700

Women's Basketball Priority Seating

Seating in Gampel Pavilion

Sections2014-15 Point Totals
109, 1212,308 and above
108, 110, 120, 1221,429 - 2,307
107, 111, 119, 123893 - 1,428

Seating in XL Center

Sections2014-15 Point Totals
102-105, 114-117810 and above
101, 106, 113, 118185 - 809
107, 112, 119, 1247 - 184

To view seating charts of Gampel Pavillon and the XL Center, click here.


Current donors will have the opportunity to order tickets to all postseason events based upon availability. Tickets are allocated by current donor level and priority points within each donor level.

For more information on priority seating, please contact the UConn Athletic Development Office at (860) 486-3863 or