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UConn/East Carolina Quotes

Jan. 4, 2017

UConn head coach Geno Auriemma

On discussing winning streak as a team:

"The other day was my first interaction with our team about the win streak. I didn't feel it was necessary to bring it up until recently. I really would like them to just move on and play the next game. When we were in Florida I mentioned the streak once and what it was they were trying to achieve, so I kind of just left it up to them to see how they react to it."

On his team being afraid to lose:

"Whenever you are afraid, you sometimes get paralyzed or operate from a negative and I don't really see that in these girls. They are definitely determined to win. They don't seem to play afraid or tentative."

On the team’s lack of emotion:

"I think they were pretty excited about the Florida State game because they almost lost, but I didn't see them jumping up and down after any of our other games like they just won the world series or something." 

On Gabby Williams:

"If you said to me that this is what Gabby will be playing like when she's a junior I would have said, I hope so."

Junior guard Kia Nurse 



On today’s game:

"I think in the last few games we've done a good job at coming out and creating a tempo in the game the way we wanted to and imposing our will today, especially when we moved the ball extremely well up and down. We made some good transitions and made some great plays."

On the lack of excitement on big wins and the win streak:

"It's obviously exciting but at the same time if you focus on it that is when bad things happen so for us we're pretty even-keeled in the sense that we take every day, one day at a time, one practice at a time, one game at a time, but we understand that it is a big thing and we're excited about it, but we have to focus on what coach thinks"

On developing an identity as a team:

"We get things done, but we are sometimes put in tough situations with our backs against the wall. We tend to figure out how to get things done and we think it's still developing and it’s on the way but we're getting a little bit closer to it."

East Carolina head coach Heather Macy

On subbing the entire lineup down 11-0 and the philosophy of staying with that hockey-style subbing:

"A little bit of that is not calling the quick timeout that you think you need because you lose the ability to have the media at the five (minute mark). So there is a little bit of strategy in that. The other part is that I think we have 11 kids that can compete. There is very little drop off between all of them so we do that quite often."

On what the team’s goals were this game:

"To close the gap. We played the game in five minute segments. They are the No. 1 team in the country and it's very evident. We respect what they do. It gives you something to aspire to."

On how tough it is to ignore the scoreboard against a team like this:

"That's where we do it with five minutes. The goal is how many five minute segments can you win and as we progress though the game not to look up there at the daunting task of having a 40 point deficit."

On if having UConn in the league is good for recruiting:

"It's been very good for recruiting. I think it allows us to recruit kids that want to play against the best. Especially us, being in ACC country, I think it's an advantage."