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UConn-Providence Post Game Quotes

Jan. 10, 2012

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Connecticut Head Coach Geno Auriemma

Opening Statement:

I felt we moved the ball really well.  It took us a little bit of time to get into the flow of things.  We waited a little bit to shoot the threes we’ve been shooting a little bit earlier.  You know we gave ourselves a chance to get more things done in the lane.  And it did happen for us obviously……

It was a really good effort by everybody.  It was one of those wins where your team feels really good about the game because everybody had a little bit of a hand in it.

I think whether we played a smaller or bigger lineup, I thought it was really good.  There were a lot of really good things that came out of it.

On Bria Hartley emerging as a leader:

When she finished the season last year, I thought for a freshman put under that kind of microscope to have to do all that she had to do, I thought she handled herself great.  You could see even then that she wasn’t afraid………She’s staring to assert herself in games.  I think it’s evident that our players really respond to her and really kind of respect what she does on the floor.  She’s become a little more vocal.  I think all those things are good.

Having Bria make as many shots as she’s been making kind of loosens things up a little bit. 

Senior Guard Tiffany Hayes

On tonight’s performance:

“I think it was really good. I think we drove and kicked a lot today and found that open person. I think the high low worked a lot today too. I’m glad we were able to capitalize on it.”

Where you happy with the balance too and how a lot of people got involved?

“Yea, a bunch of us got scores, rebounds and steals. I think we put a lot of pressure on them. It was better for us than being passive. We were more aggressive. That was another good thing.”

Do you have a sense you guys were going to come out like that and really attack?

“I think so. I think we had to. This definitely gives us a big confidence boost to go on and to work in our next practices and games.”

Freshman Guard Brianna Banks

What was it like after the Notre Dame game going home and going to the first practice after?

“It wasn’t, surprisingly, that bad. We started out kind of shaky but we picked it up and started getting things alive. We weren’t going to let that Notre Dame game bring us down and keep us from getting better.”

What is it like being a freshman on this team?

 “It’s been kind of hard because you’re not used to all the hard work day after day. Some days you may go seven days throughout the week. So, it’s kind of hard on your body, but after a while you get the hang of things and start getting used to the routines.”

Sophomore Guard Bria Hartley

On offense:

“We came out and everyone seemed to be on the same page.  We had a lot of energy, which I think was lacking in our previous games.  I think you can tell we had a great team effort.”

What created a game like this:

“I think it is just having energy and making sure everyone has it.  Kelly made a point in the beginning of the game to make sure we come out with a lot of intensity and everyone having fun out there because we all love to play basketball.”

On 16-2 run:

“I just think we have a lot of people who can score.  We are a team that loves to share the basketball.  They said we had like 29 assists on 30 something shots.  I think everyone moved the ball well and found each other.  I think a lot of it came from our defense.  We had a lot of steals in the first half and it worked really well tonight.”

Freshman Center Kiah Stokes

On losing twice this season:

“In high school we were a really good team.  I think we lost like seven times in all four years.  So I wasn’t use to losing, and losing twice already, especially here because I know at Connecticut they don’t lose, it was frustrating and difficult because I wasn’t apart of helping them win.  I was more of apart of how they lost, so it was frustrating like that.  Each day we need to take it step by step to get better as a team and today was a good step towards that.”

Providence Head Coach Phil Seymore

Opening Statement:

“Obviously it was a tough game for us. Uconn’s a great team. What I like about them is how hard they run and their transition game. Ii was really concerned about their transition game and they got a lot of points that way in the first half. They shot about 70 percent and a lot of that was because of their transition and their post-game. They do a really good job in their high-low game and getting the ball inside. They pass the ball very well. They really make you pay for mistakes that you make.”

Can you talk about the balance that UConn showed?

“When you look at it, they had at least five players that shot at least 36 percent from three in a game. When you space the court out like that, it’s always a five-on-five game Then they pass the ball well. I was looking at their turnovers, and 13 turnovers a game is incredible, especially in women’s basketball. It reminds me of Villanova when they went to the NCAA Tournament. They had 29 assists and just 15 turnovers – that equates to a lot of baskets.”

After a big win like the one over DePaul, how big of a setback was this and are you worried at all about the confidence of your team?

“You are always kind of concerned about it, but my focus going into the second half was to improve on what we needed to improve on, like our transitions. We needed to improve on that and our zone defense. In the second half we needed to get better at that. I think in the second half we were able to bounce back.”