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UConn - Louisville Post Game Quotes

Jan. 16, 2013

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UConn Head Coach Geno Auriemma

On playing in a grind-it-out game:

“We knew going in it that it was going to be one of those games where you need to make plays against pressure, every time you cut, every time you want to pass the ball. They play hard and they play physical. There’s nothing wrong with that. We couldn’t buy a lot of buckets in the first half, but our defense was as good as it’s been all year. We’ve become a pretty good defensive team. We’ve been good all year, but there are things about our defense that are getting better and there are things we still need to get better at. It’s that time of the year when the players  that have been there before know what’s at stake and what is going on and now it’s their turn to make sure it gets done.”

On what he expected on Bria Hartley coming off an injury:

“I didn’t have any expectations going in. If it looked great and she doesn’t have to come in and out and play all the time, we were going to let her go. She played a lot of minutes tonight and I don’t know if I wanted to do that, but I figured that if she came out and sat for a long time that might be worse than staying out there.”

On worrying about turnovers plaguing the team down the line:

“I worry about it every day. We get playing quickly, that we get ahead of ourselves, that we get anxious, whatever you want to call it. As good as our defense is, it’s a shame to come down the floor and not get a shot.”

Louisville Head Coach Jeff Walz

On the game:

“I was really proud of the way we fought. I thought we came out and really competed. We just couldn’t get a six or eight point run together. We had some great shots. Antonita Slaughter had some great looks from 3. We had it down to 11 and she had a wide open look – she’s going to make that the majority of the time. Unfortunately tonight she was 1-of-7 from the 3-point line. That’s not normal for her, and when you play a team like this you have to make them because they are going to.”

What do you take away from the game?

“You look at the score, we played them evenly the entire second half. We only turned the ball over three times in the second half and we only gave up two offensive rebounds. I think we’ve got to be excited about some of the things that we did. Are we happy that we lost? No. We want to win every game that we play in. I’m really pleased with the way that Jude Schimmel played. I thought she was the best guard on the court, for both teams. What she is able to do, the way she attacked the basket, she really showed a lot. What impressed me the most was that she continued to play. She played the next play. If she turned it over, she didn’t hang her head, she just kept competing. I’m excited for her.” 

On Jude Schimmel playing 30-plus minutes in the last two games:

“She just competed. She’s handling the ball well. She’s a very good distributer. She gets a lot of hustle plays. When you play in this league you have to find a way to get the hustle plays and she did that. It’s (the minutes) not every game, every night, but she’s really built her stamina up. That’s one thing she’s really worked on. It’s a physical league and playing games where we try to push it, Jude can do some really good things for us. She will be a big part of our success.”