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No. 1 UConn vs. No. 3 Notre Dame Postgame Quotes

Jan. 17, 2010


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Head Coach Geno Auriemma
On how well
Tina Charles has been playing lately.
"It's hard to put it into words what Tina's been doing. She made some plays today that were so aggressive, so strong, stuff that great players do. We used to see that once in awhile, and now we're starting to see that every game, throughout the whole game. It's really been a lot of fun to watch the change in her over the last two years. It's been really rewarding for her I know, because she's put a lot of time and effort into it, and it couldn't happen to a nicer kid. Right now, she's playing as well as anybody I've had here at Connecticut."

How pleased are you with the way your team came out tonight?
"As displeased as I am with some of the things we did in the second half. That first fifteen minutes of basketball was pretty amazing. That was as good a fifteen minutes of basketball as you could hope to play on a day like today and a night like tonight after all that's gone on, and with a team like that. Like it's been pretty much the whole season, that defense has allowed us to put ourselves in this situation where it's tough. When we're playing the way we played, it's tough to play against our defense and we can make a really good team look not so good for long stretches. You saw in the second stretches where we didn't guard them like we did in the first half, and they took advantage of that. As much as I say that, we really haven't gotten Maya off and running the last couple games and it's still certainly remarkable to see what we can do."

UConn Player Quotes
Maya Moore
On tonight's defensive play:

"I was really proud how we came out tonight. We know that our defense contributes to our offensive game. We can play pretty special when we come out and play team defense and rebound. With a combination of all those things, we play really well."

Senior Tina Charles
On coming out early tonight offensively:
"It helps me establish myself, run the floor hard and my teammates are looking for me in transition and just little things that."

On being able to alter shots tonight:
"Coach always puts an emphasis on help defense at practice so we practice that all the time. Our rotations, where we are supposed to be, just scrambling around we did that really well tonight."

Talk about your individual play and are you feeling urgency being that this is your senior year:
"Yea, definitely. I know my days are numbered and the respect that my teammates have for me looking for me and giving me the ball down low and I have been able to finish."

On being inducted into the Husky wall of honor:
"I haven't thought about that but it was definitely one of my goals coming in this year."

How do you feel about playing at Duke on Monday and playing in Cameron Indoor?
"I'm excited. Just from watching the men's and women's games and just how their fans are and the atmosphere there. I don't think they can compare to our fans but they do have their player's back just like our fans do."


Notre Dame Head Coach Muffet McGraw
Can your team overcome a loss like this?
That is going to be our biggest challenge. We have to forget about this game and focus on our game on Tuesday. We cannot continue to dwell on this game. We have to learn from this game.

How big is the gap between UConn and the rest of the country?
It is huge. They are on a mission to prove that the group is wider than people even believe. They have defeated all kinds of teams including Stanford. They really are the best team in the country.

What do you think of Tina Charles' game in transition?
I did not think that she hurt us in transition tonight. They went right into her in their half court offense. We did not get a lot of pressure on the ball and that was huge. She is incredibly hard to guard and is extremely talented. She played well the entire game.

Can you describe Tina Charles' play on the defensive end tonight?
She kept changing our shots. I kept telling my players to take their normal shots. If she blocks it then she blocks it but take our normal shots. She really made us think about our shots and made the shot selection more difficult than it usually is.

Notre Dame Players
Senior Guard Ashley Barlow

How disappointed is this game to take considering you had your whole team back plus some extra players that you didn't have last year?
"It's truly disappointing for us, they're a good team, they got out and pressured us and we got back on our heels like coached said and we didn't play our game. We have got to do better than that."

What is the biggest thing that bothers you about UConn; is it their quickness?
"I think it was their pressure, they just got out and pressured the ball. One through five they were out there pressuring the ball. They were rebounding and doing all the things that they do. We just didn't handle their pressure very well."

Freshman Guard Skylar Diggins
What was the frustration factor of why you were missing the shots and nothing would fall till second half? What was going through your mind out there?
"We mainly wanted to match their intensity. Obviously they are a great team that played great. We got stuff that we need to work on. We give all the credit to UConn that came ready to play and we didn't."

What did you learn about playing as a freshman playing a team of that caliber in an environment like this?
"Oh we have got to step it up! Like coach said, UConn is a great team and they are showing that. They are that much better than everyone else. We have another game on Tuesday and that is our focus now but we definitely, in hindsight, should have done things differently. Like coach said they got out to a great start and they played great."