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Post Game Quoes - 2/1 vs. SMU

Feb. 4, 2014

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Geno Auriemma

On Stefanie Dolson's season:

"There are so many things that Stefanie does. You can't put those in a box score. You can't measure what she means to our team and how much the players count on her for so many things. She scores, rebounds, assists, and doesn't matter. She has been exactly what we needed her to be, all year long. Trying to keep her out there and give those guys as much of an opportunity to play. There are not a lot of those games left, especially at home, especially at Gampel. This season has gone exactly the way I hoped it would go."

On Brianna Bank's ankle injury:

"It is not looking is the fifth time she has done that this year. Hopefully it will get better soon."

On Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis' improvement with her level of competition:

"I've seen more of an aggressiveness in practice, more of a determination to get what she wants out of this instead of take what comes. There is a bit of a different look about her. She came back from the Temple game and her practices since then have been really really good. Today was an indication of how well she looked in practice."

On the team's ability to pass:

"It is one of those gets contagious. We have a lot of finishers, that is as much of an answer as anything. Our good guys are really great passers. Some of it is that everybody expects two guards to be good passers...we have the three other guys to be good passers, that's different then most teams. We also have the fact that whoever you pass it to will take good shots and that's an advantage."

On the difficulty to maintain academic and athletic excellence for student-athletes:

"It is an under-valued and under-appreciated how hard our players work. Whether it is late nights flying home, late nights in hotel rooms, how hard they have to study, how much work they must make up. That is a credit to their upbringing that they value doing really well in school and getting great grades as much as they do at winning basketball games."

Stefanie Dolson

On the success you have had this senior season:

"I've worked hard. Coming into senior year, I am at the point that I want to be. Most seniors want to be comfortable, consistent in practice, and in the games. Everyone is doing a great job getting me the ball and it is great to be playing this way."

Do you prefer blocking shots or passing the ball?

"I do like blocking shots, some of them might have been fouls though. I do also like passing the ball to each other...tonight was no different, we found each other open shots and had success."


Bria Hartley

On being on the court with your teammates during the academic awards ceremony tonight:

"We had seven of the eleven girls out there for the ceremony tonight. That's a testament to us on and off the court."

On the team's efforts tonight:

"We wanted to build on consistency. I thought we did getting their offensive rebounding in the beginning. Coach really preached being aggressive tonight. That worked really well when we were out there."

SMU Head Coach Rhonda Rompola

Was it nerves or something else that led to the 19-0 run at the start of the game?

"Two things started it. One, their offensive rebounding, their physicality underneath. A couple of times we had position, they just pushed us under. They got a couple offensive rebounds and converted them. And then their transition offense. We talked about it and talked about it, but you get out on the court and we were like deer caught in headlights. You can talk about going out there and playing your game, you can talk about all that, but then you get out on the court and all of the sudden the ball goes up. We know, as coaches, we've been through it. It's a different ball game. I felt like we got caught watching them. We got caught watching the back of their jerseys too much."

Mays had a tough first half/game, what were they doing on defense?

"There were times when they had two people on her and times when they made her try to give it up. The bottom line is, you have to have other players step up and relieve some of that, and I don't feel like we had that. It was almost like at times she tried to do too much by herself, and then also her shot was flat a little bit in the first half. She was rushing some things, her shot was flat. We tried to call a play or two to get her into a rhythm but we just never got in any kind of rhythm tonight."

How do you use this game with your team?

"Forget about it. If you want to know the truth, we need to forget about it and move on. I'm sure most teams that come in here and play Connecticut have to find a way to move on. We have Rutgers at home on Saturday. We played Tennessee in the Bahamas in non-conference, they kicked us pretty good and we got better and stronger from it. This team (Connecticut) is by far the best shooting team I've seen, five people on the floor, men or women at any one point. At one point they were shooting about 93 percent. We can't worry about what we didn't do, we have to be able to get better, but we have to be able to move forward. That's our job to help them do that."