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UConn-Marquette Post Game Quotes

Feb. 5, 2013

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UConn Head Coach Geno Auriemma

On Bria Hartley's performance tonight:

"She's been struggling and the longer you struggle the more it gets into your head and the longer it is in your head, the more you struggle. It's a bad struggle to be seen in her whole body language at practice. There are days when it's working and days when it's just tough. A day like Saturday really got her down. I was happy to see her play the way she did today...I think that fixes a doesn't fix it right away, it doesn't cure it completely, but it starts to make your body language better for one day and then you know we are on the right track. Hopefully Friday and Saturday at practice she will continue what she was doing today."

On limiting Caroline Doty's minutes with the knee issues:

"Well, it's a funny situation to be honest with you. If Caroline is struggling, I'm anxious to get her out. You may be like why put her through that, she doesn't deserve that. And when she is playing well I don't even think about her name or want to take her out until one of the coaches says hey we've got to get Caroline out of there. Like today, she played eleven minutes in the first half if I'm not mistaken. She's a senior and when she's playing well and enjoying it, like tonight, I want her to get every last bit out of it as she can. I want her to experience it because it's the last time."

On the importance of the three-point shot to this team:

"Ever since they put the line in, I've always thought that we had a goal for the longest time to take at least twenty every game. We took 23 tonight. I think you should use that as much part of your offense as you use getting the ball in the lane or to the free-throw line. If you don't take advantage of the three-point line, then you're missing out on a great opportunity to score points.

Junior Guard Bria Hartley

On recent struggles shooting the ball:

"I just want to be someone that my teammates can rely on and I haven't been that lately. I just came into the gym and told my teammates to help me out and encourage me a little bit because that always helps. I just tried to get up as many shots as possible."

On the importance of a good performance:

"It picks you up a lot. But I need to build on it. I can't just have one game like this; I need to work to be more consistent so my teammates can count on me every night."

On keeping a good mindset:

"I try to make sure I have a positive attitude about everything. I mean, it's hard when you're missing shots but if you sit there and focus on having a positive attitude, it helps. That's what I tried to do tonight. "

Senior Guard Kelly Faris

On balancing athletics and school work:

"It's not easy to organize your sports life and your academic life. That was one of my biggest challenges when I got here as a freshmen, in terms of time management and figuring everything out. Once you have a year under your belt you can get a sense of what that is like."

On playing in a fast-paced game:

"It felt good. I think tonight we got in more of a flow than we have in a lot of our recent games."

On Bria Hartley getting confidence back:

"When we start hitting, for our team, it's pretty contagious. It's fun to watch everyone hit shots. Everyone needs to be picked up once in a while and Bria needed it tonight."

Marquette Head Coach Terri Mitchell
Were there added concerns having to face UConn coming off a close game with St. John's?

"I just think that they're an intense team all the time and they jumped all over us and tonight was brutal.  We just have to find a way to move on."

What are your thoughts on having to play UConn twice this season?

"It's what the BIG EAST decided, that we had to play [Connecticut] twice.  We talked about it, that it's going to be tough and we've got to get better.  I knew it would be a tough game, but my goal was that we would get better from the first game, but unfortunately we didn't.  That's what is disappointing to me."

What were the differences you saw from game one against UConn to game two?

"[Connecticut] played hard.  They took the life out of us in the first few minutes and we didn't recover.  That just really bothers me, because we played hard in moments, but you can't ever step on the court and not play hard the entire time against one of the top teams in the country.  We looked shell-shocked and at this point in the year you can't look shell-shocked."