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UConn/Tulsa Postgame Quotes

Feb. 5, 2017

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UConn head coach Geno Auriemma

On poor start:

"Sometimes you get so used to shots going in that you forget that there are times where it doesn't. As a coach you have to decide if your taking bad shots or if your taking good shots and they are just not falling. I don't think I would trade any of the shots we took in the first half. They were the same shots we have been taking all year they just were not falling today."

On sitting Gabby Williams:

"I don't know if it's physical or mental but she's just not herself right now. It's been like that the last couple days she's just a little bit out of sorts. I thought it would be best to give her a chance to sit and watch for a little and then she played great in the second half."

On Katie Lou Samuelson and Napheesa Collier:

"Our 2 sophomores are very impressive. With Lou your dumbfounded every time one of her shots doesn't go in and with Napheesa every time she gets the ball in the lane and does not score your like, what wrong with her?

Sophomore forward Napheesa Collier

On staying focused:

"I think we came out a little slow today so maybe we weren't as focused as we needed to be. Coach really stressed that we need to treat every game the same, so we tried our best to come out with a little more energy."

On 17 points in first half:

"All of us, if someone is having a bad game, we try and pick them up however we can. The team has been doing a good job giving it to me in the post, so you know, I just shot it.

Junior guard Kia Nurse

On Naphessa Collier:

"I think that Napeesha does a great job putting herself in a situation where she can be successful. For us, anytime she has someone on her back it is easy for us to put the ball in there and she will make something happen."

On poor team shooting in the first half:

"I mean obviously we didn't have a good shooting half in the first. I think it wasn't something that slowed us down, but we needed to execute better"

Senior guard Saniya Chong

On her performance today:

"I was just trying to go out there and play my hardest and things didn't go so well in the first half, but as long as we were all working hard and doing what I can do, helping out my teammates in some type of way, then it would help out"

On showing a lot of energy today:

"Because I am a senior and I can't get the past years back, I try to work hard and stay consistent."

Tulsa head coach Matilda Mossman

On how pleased she was with the play of the freshmen against the UConn defense:

"We felt like after what Shug did the first time that she would be defended tougher. They had (Napheesa) Collier on her a little bit, they had Kia (Nurse) on her a little bit and we couldn't really get anything. Even when we would hand off and force them to switch, she couldn't get by (Saniya) Chong. Defensively they did a great job on her. Kendrian just didn't get a lot of touches in the second half."

 On what this environment did for the team, especially in preparation for March:

"We tell our kids to enjoy the atmosphere. This is why you play college basketball, to play in front of crowds like this. I think after the game gets going, they don't think about it anymore. We just try to get them to play off of the electricity of the crowd."

On where she has seen growth since the last meeting with UConn:

"Offensively we're better at being patient, moving the ball side to side and getting post touches. Obviously we scored 100 against East Carolina last week so offensively I think we've gotten better."