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UConn-DePaul Post Game Quotes

Feb. 10, 2013

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UConn Head Coach Geno Auriemma

On Stefanie Dolson’s ability to make plays over the entire court:

“A lot of the stuff we do goes through her…she just has a real knack for the game. She’s really comfortable right now and has a pretty good understanding of when to shoot and when to pass…we all trust her that she’s going to make the right decision and we just are not the same team when she’s not out on the floor. I’m really thrilled for her with how far she’s come and there’s no one I see playing who I think is playing better then she’s playing right now.”

On how the team responded coming off the storm and missed practices:

“They want to play, not everybody loves practice and not everybody gets all geared up for practice, but everybody wants to play in games. They were probably not happy with a couple days off, you know because in essence we had almost three days off this week. Wednesday all we did was lift, Thursday was practice, and Friday and Saturday off…they didn’t really get a chance to practice a lot, but I thought they were mature enough to do what they had to do.”

On Bria Hartley setting the team’s tone:

“You know that’s a part of the game that you have to take advantage of. It doesn’t do us any good to play the game slowly and it is certainly not good if you play the game too fast. When Bria has the ball in her hands and is pushing it up the floor, there are a lot of really good things that are going to happen. We just want her to be aggressive, we just want her to feel like she’s attacking them all the time because I think that’s how you get out of whatever is bothering you. By her doing that it helps her and it helps the rest of us.”

On the Connecticut fan base:

“We’ve always had a core fan base that’s been exceptionally loyal to us for the longest time…as long as I can remember. These 8,800 people who came out, I bet you they are probably our absolute strongest fans and have been with us the longest. Maybe we should lock them up for a couple days before every weekend game and let them out on the weekend. But it’s different here in Connecticut, we’re spoiled, we are lucky to have the kind of fan base that we have. Sometimes we take it for granted. I said, there wouldn’t be anybody here because the roads wouldn’t be too good. This time of day has proven to be very successful for us.”

Junior Guard Bria Hartley

On different players doing different things to help the team:

“I think we just have a lot of people on this team that can make plays. I know we need to focus on boxing out and rebounding and that’s what I tried to do today. Stefanie Dolson has always been a great passer and I have always believed that.”

On getting back into a groove:

“It’s a lot easier to when you go out there and play well. It helps to build my confidence a little bit. But I don’t want to get carried away; I have to continue to work to do this each game.”

On the state of her ankle: 

“My ankle has been a lot better. It hasn’t bothered me since the game against Cincinnati. I think that was the last time I had any pain while I was playing.”

Junior Center Stefanie Dolson

On becoming a well-rounded player:

“I think I just look to read the defense. A lot of times if I am open I am going to shoot the ball, but if I’m not, then I’m going to willingly give my teammates a good pass.”

On having a good game from the free throw line:

“I pride myself a lot on it. I haven’t been doing great with my free throws this year so I’ve been practicing a lot on it. It’s nice to see that it’s starting to pay off.”

On her evaluation of her play thus far:

“I’m definitely happy with the way I’m playing and the way the team is playing as a whole.  To come off of two days off from the storm and play the way we did is something we can be proud of. I hope we can keep getting better from here.”

DePaul Head Coach Doug Bruno

What is your assessment of the day?

“My day is the two hours between 3:30 and 5:30, it’s not good because we just got our butts handed to us.  I just don’t think that this team has ever been able to compete with UConn. I don’t expect us to beat UConn, necessarily; I know it’s hard to say.  I think it’s a pretty strong given that they can compete for a national championship.  [UConn is] certainly a well coached team.  I just wish we were more competitive.  If we’re not going to win, we’ve got to get better.”

What are your thoughts on the lack of production from Brittany Hrynko and Katherine Harry?

“When that happens, that’s a function of execution.  The [UConn] defense did a great job.  In regards to the rebound situation, that’s a function of them being bigger.  However, I thought Katherine did a nice job in the last two minutes of fighting.  She made a vigorous attempt to fight for every rebound.”