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UConn vs. Wichita Post Game Quotes

Feb. 10, 2018

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UConn Head Coach Geno Auriemma 

On sophomore guard Crystal Dangerfield

When you have somebody like Crystal, you can’t underestimate the impact that she has on your team because of what she can do with the ball in her hands. She can go wherever she wants with it and she’s very creative. She’s like a great soccer player that sees things one or two passes ahead, she’s really smart and she can go places that nobody else on our team can. The difference was evident right away. She set the tone, as did that whole group in the first quarter and it just carried over from there.

On today’s victory

I don’t think that it was anything. I don’t know that it came out of the win the other day, maybe it did. Maybe we just needed to recharge our batteries or something but I think the combination of our defense creating a lot of opportunities for us when we didn’t have Crystal the other day we were reluctant to stretch our defense out. We didn’t want to have to do even more with one less body. Today I thought we felt a little bit better extending ourselves a little bit more defensively and it paid off and we made shots. Considering we don’t practice here, we just come shoot around, we shot the ball incredibly well and anytime you make shots like that it makes your offense look good but a lot of it was off our defense.

On the teams shooting

There wasn’t really much of a drop off. We started a certain way and we sustained it pretty much the whole game which is not always easy to do when you have a big lead like that but I think once you do get a big lead it affects the other team obviously and I’m sure everybody on the other team is hoping that we start missing and then we just kept making them and kept making them and then players that we were bringing off the bench added a lot so it just kept intensifying.

On the defense

A lot of times what happens is when you have a particular ball handler and everyone else has to be a finisher, you’re pretty much going to have to rely on one person creating so you get a turnover and boom, that person creates a lot offense for you but we have a lot of good ball handlers when it comes to that so I mean everything that Crystal did to jump start everything that we were doing. [Junior guard/forward Katie] Lou [Samuelson] had nine assists so the ball today it seemed like no matter who it touched that person did something good with it and our transition game, yeah we spent a lot of time on it in practice and we are pretty organized and we generally don’t take a bad shot in transition so everything looks easy. I mean we’ve got good ball handlers and we’ve got good finishers so today was one of those unique days where everything went right.

Wichita State Head Coach Keitha Adams

How is playing UConn every year going to help this program?  Is it something you will, have used in recruiting?

"Obviously we have a lot of work to do and a long way to go. They're a great program. Phenomenal. They've set the bar really high and we're going to work really hard to get there."

You have a key stretch of games coming up in terms of seeding for the tournament, how do you not less this loss impact those games?
"I think when you get an old fashioned butt kicking it puts a lot of motivation in your gas tank. We need to take what happened to us today and use it as motivation.

Not many teams are ready for the first time they see UConn. What were your impressions, especially in that first quarter?

"We threw the ball away so much. Our turnovers really, really hurt us. I think the biggest thing was that it's the biggest sized team that we've faced. They're length really effected us. I'm sure as you experience it more you're probably more mentally prepared for it. They've got a great team. He took the press off, he could have left the press on longer and he didn't and I told him that at the end. They are definitely world class, the way they play. We're going to work really hard to get there."

Gabby Williams:

On Dangerfield's Play
"It wasn't just that she played well, she started a spark and we fed off her energy a lot today."

On Game Preparation
"We were focused on our energy in general. We wanted our offense to be better and we recently have been getting lazy, like when we let UCF beat us up a lot. We were focused on having control of the game."

Katie Lou Samuelson:

On the Teams Offense
"We wanted to come into this game after last game and play as hard and as well as we could, I didn't think we would score this much but that first quarter we played really well together."

On Dangerfield's Behind the Back Pass
"She does things that no one else on the team can do. I knew she was going to pass it to me because whenever Krystal is not looking at you she is probably going to pass to you. That was a pretty amazing pass."