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UConn/Temple Quotes

Feb. 22, 2017

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UConn head coach Geno Auriemma

On playing without Kia Nurse:

"You can't have a really good team without good guards. Our guards right now are a little suspect, given that they don't have a lot of playing experience. Not having Kia out there is really a challenge for them."

On Napheesa Collier:

 "It would be difficult to find anyone who has had a better 27 games than Naphessa Collier. It is amazing, the consistency that that kid plays at. She has a distinct advantage over most the people she plays against."

On teams attitude:

"They don't show a lot of negative or positive emotion. They stay at a certain level and don't deviate much. It was hard to tell after the Tulane game if they were upset or not."

Junior forward Gabby Williams

On the team’s performance today:

"It was good, it showed that we could bounce back even while missing Kia."

On playing without Kia Nurse: 

"It is harder for us to get into a flow on offense without her. When she is out there things come a lot easier."

Freshman guard Crystal Dangerfield

On her play in the second half:

"I thought I did pretty well in the 2nd. I just wanted to respond from Saturday’s game and work on my defense and make some plays on offense too."

On playing without Kia Nurse:

"We’re still working on getting everything running on offense without her. Playing without her will help us in the long run because we'll be that much better when she gets back."

Temple Head Coach, Tonya Cardoza

On coming into this game knowing UConn only beat Tulane by 3 points:

“Tulane did a really good job of taking care of the basketball. I felt like they really competed. When you are playing against UConn you have to just hope that they are missing shots. I felt like they were missing shots, a lot of shots they normally make at Tulane. Tulane played with a lot of confidence and they took care of the ball. Connecticut wasn’t allowed to get back in transition and score transition buckets. We knew if we could take care of the basketball and limit transition baskets and not give up second chance points, then we might stand a chance, but to start the game we were giving them easy transition points.”

On not letting this loss kill their recent momentum:

“It is something about playing them and you know you can get up in front of them all you want, but when you step on the court and they throw those punches, it is easy as a coach to say let’s go we can get over it. When you are out there I don’t know what they are going through. We have to move on. We have two games that we have to play well in to finish strong.”

On how playing UConn helps prepare for the tournament:

“It doesn’t really help you honestly. It doesn’t help you. You know they are just so dominant and the thing is every mistake you make they make you pay for it. They took the ball out of Fitzgerald and Butt’s hands. We were not paying attention to that and we were in disarray in the offensive end.”