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UConn-Seton Hall Post Game Quotes

Feb. 23, 2013

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UConn Head Coach Geno Auriemma

On senior Kelly Faris recording her 1,000 point on senior night:

"You know the things that happen to you sometimes, you can't orchestrate, you can't predict, if you just keep doing a lot of good things and keep working hard...keep putting yourself in the best position possible then good things happen to you. For Kelly to score her 1,000th point on senior night, that's kind of been like her career...she's kind of been at the right place, at the right time, all the time. I'm thrilled for her and I know that she is not a big points person, but I think in the big picture of things it is pretty neat how it worked out like that."

On Kelly's playing time:

"I had plans to just let her kind of play. If you're a senior then I think you are going to play a lot on senior night, at least as much as you can. Caroline unfortunately stepped on a kids foot and I wanted to get her out as fast as I could, so I was going to leave her in and let her play, but I wasn't going to give her the whole game. I wasn't just going to leave her in there, just to leave her in there the entire some point it gets counterproductive when you are trying so hard, that's why I've never been one to do that."

On Breanna Stewart's performance:

"I especially liked that her first couple plays were really aggressive plays that weren't standing around and waiting for something to happen...they were the type of plays where she was making something happen and that's how you get out of whatever is bothering you. You get out of whatever is bothering you by being more aggressive, not by being more timid and that doesn't mean you become more aggressive just by shooting jump shots. She ended up impacting the game by follow-ups, offensive rebounds, just a lot of good things that she was doing and I hope it's something that she can build on."

Senior Guard Kelly Faris

On scoring her 1000th career point:

"It was nice to know that I had my team and the coaching staff behind me trying to get a personal accomplishment. It's a good feeling and I know the fans were into it as well."

On scoring 1000 off of a steal:

"It felt good to get the 1000th point off of a steal. Honestly, it just felt nice to know I had the whole team behind me. I think it's fitting."

On having family at the game:

"It's really special. I had my whole family here and I'm blessed to have a family that supports me like they do. It means a lot that they were here for this one."

Sophomore Guard Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis

On if she knew she was close to 1,000:

"I really had no idea. After I hit the shot and when I came out they said I hit my 1000th point which was nice. But it's not something I was really thinking about."

On the importance of getting Kelly Faris to score 1,000:

"It was really important. Kelly is one of the most deserving people on this team. We wanted to make sure her senior night was as special as it could be, and it just so happened that she was this close to 1000. I think everyone knows how much I look up to Kelly and how much I appreciate how much she has done for me the past two years."

Freshman Forward Breanna Stewart:

On having two players score their 1000th point in the same game:

"It was awesome because they obviously both deserve that honor. Kaleena got it during the beginning of the game and for Kelly it was nice to see her get it later in the game."

On getting a win on Senior Day:

"It was cool because this is their day. We decorated the lockerroom before the game for them. Seeing them walk out with their parents was emotional. We really wanted to go out and have fun and get this win for them."

On the importance of the seniors as leaders:

"They have all been awesome. I mean, they've been through it. So going to them and getting advice is the best reference because they've been here for four or five years and know what it's like."

Seton Hall Head Coach Anne Donovan

On the difference in the game:

"The difference was that we didn't have a starter score in the first half. We don't have a great defense anyway, so when our starters didn't come out ready to go, it's going to be a long night."

On the overall game of Kelly Faris:

"I know she prides herself on her defense and shutting people down, and she certainly battled. She was on Britt Morris, one of our better shooters and leading scorers. She just takes such great pride in playing good solid defense, and of course she gets it done offensively. We can see that she's a kid that really loves that challenge."

On the development of Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis as a player:

"She's always had confidence. Her 3-point shooting and coming off the dribble, she's outstanding."

Do you think Kelly Faris is a WNBA player?

"I think Kelly Farris has to get into the right situation. She has to get to a training camp that has a need for her position and really take advantage of her unique skill set. So yes, I think she is, but so much of the WNBA is where you go and what the needs are."

What can she play at the next level?

"I think she's a utility kind of player. She can fit a lot of needs - she can play a guard spot, she can play a forward spot. I think that's what makes her valuable, that she can play multiple positions. She has to be in the right situation. It will be interesting to see where she ends up."

On bouncing back from this game:

"Nobody bounces back from that train wreck easily. We go to Louisville next, so we've got to regroup and get some good practices under our belt. WE are coming down the home stretch now and we've done some good things this season, so this can't take away from those good things."

On positives that came out of this game:

"For me, Ka-Deidre Simmons was a trooper. She just battled from beginning to end of the game. For that kid to play 39 minutes and only have one turnover, it just showed the leadership she had. That's a positive I take away."