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Game Day Quotes - UConn

March 19, 2016

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2016 NCAA Division I women’s basketball championship
First Round · UConn vs. Robert Morris
Gampel Pavilion · Storrs, Conn.
Saturday, March 19
UConn Post Game Quotes – No. 1 UConn

UConn Head Coach Geno Auriemma

Opening Statement – “Those first 10 minutes that is about as good a way as you can to start a game and start a tournament.  Not having played in 12 days, you don’t know what you are going to get when you come out.  This team is pretty locked in and pretty focused on what we are trying to do and what the task ahead of us is.  We talk a lot about don’t look ahead, it will be here.  If we can capture some of that first 10 minutes today and bring it to Monday we’ll be alright.”


On team’s first quarter– “Those 10 minutes, I didn’t know we could do that.  We sat on the bench looking at each other like, I didn’t know we were capable of that after not playing for 12 days.  Obviously Robert Morris helped, they struggled handling the ball with our pressure.  You can see as they started settling in later in the game they got really comfortable.  That was good to see.” 


Breanna Stewart, Forward

On the team’s fast start – “We didn’t really focus on it.  We just wanted to come out and play hard fright from the start.  The entire team was excited.  When it comes to NCAA Tournament time you don’t have to try and get someone excited to play a game.  Everyone was ready to play and we came out and we’re ready to go.”


On staying focused – “There is obviously a lot going on when the NCAA Tournament starts.  We have an even bigger spotlight on our team because of what we are hoping to do.  The best way we block it out is when we step on the court this is our time to get back into a mental state of mind of what we are trying to accomplish.”


On People Comparing Samuelson to Stewart – I’ve never been a fan of calling people the next whoever because, I’m a certain player she’s a certain player and I don’t think it’s safe to make those comparisons. She’s going to be the next Katie Lou Samuelson. She seems to be handling things really well and it’s cool to see her maturing over the course of the season and see how much she’s growing up.


Katie Lou Samuelson, Forward

Setting the tone early – “I thought we all got off to a good start and a good run.  Our energy was really high, it just made it easier for us to make our defense transition into offense.”


On being a freshman playing in the NCAA Tournament – “I think I am just feeling more confident and comfortable on the court and I know that I can do a lot of theings to help out my team.  And I am going to have to do that now that it’s tournament time.  I just want to keep building on what I have done this season and not let up.”


Morgan Tuck, Forward

On the UConn Game Plan – “The first quarter just was the fun way to play basketball, I think we did a really good job defensively just getting in the passing lanes and disrupting their offensive line for a lot of teams. When they run their offense it’s orchestrated on this pass and that pass so we try and do a really good job of recognizing that and it was every single person on our team; Stewie was all over it. One of our strengths obviously is in our transition, everybody can run the floor so for us if we can wreck a little havoc it’s the easy way to score baskets.

Robert Morris Quotes From Press Conference – No. 16 Robert Morris

 Robert Morris Head Coach Sal Buscaglia

Opening Statement – “So proud of my players.  Being down with that type of deficit, giving up 41 points in the first quarter and then to come back like that and play to the final horn.  We always talk about that with Robert Morris women’s basketball, we are going to fight until the end no matter what the score is.  To play hard, to hit shots.  We executed some really nice plays there at the end.  I am so proud of the way this team finished.  They could have just put their heads down and said this is over but it’s not in our character.  I am really proud of that fourth quarter and proud of them all year round.  What a way to go with the finest young people.  I have had great players and great teams but to go out with some of the finest people from around the world, we’ll be friends forever.  I am so ecstatic by that finish and ecstatic to be here, honored.  UConn and Geno (Auriemma), he is an outstanding couch and his players conduct themselves in a great manner with all class.  It is an honor to know him.  I am really honored we were here for this privilege.


On coaching his last game – “I think it hit me as I was walking off the court.  As I walked off I thought this is the last time.  I think it will probably really hit me in October when practice starts.  I have three grandchildren that now when my daughter calls me, I’ll be there.  How special is that?  I have a great brother, a beautiful fiancé.  I’m the luckiest person in the world.  I am the happiest person in the world and I have a great university.” 


Closing Statement to the media – “Cover women’s basketball.  Tell your editors and the owners of your papers.  And not just the major programs, not just UConn.  Cover the mid-majors.  Go into your editors and tell them these women deserve to have recognition.  Tell them, they deserve to have exposure and I want to cover them. Don’t just cover them for special events.  Go to your editors and support these young ladies.  Don’t treat them as second-class and don’t let your editors treat them like second class.  Don’t let the TV people treat them like second class.  Go after it.  Do it.  Female student-athletes deserve it in every sport.”


Anna Nikki Stamolamprou, Guard

On the NCAA experience – “It has been our goal since day one to make it back here to the NCAA Tournament for Coach Sal (Buscaglia) and the seniors.  We tried to do our best today.  I know we didn’t play our best game today but we tried to give it our all until the last second and I am so proud of this team.”


Ashley Ravelli, Guard

On the NCAA experience – “It has meant everything.  It has been a lot of hard work, coming in the last four years and I feel like I have given everything I have to the team and the coaching staff.  I am so proud to wear this uniform.”


On UConn defensive effort – “They just go to a whole different speed.  When you are out there, yes we practice and we have a great scouting team that try to play the way they are playing, but man they just go to a whole different speed and you have to adjust.  We did a much better job in the second half.”