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Practice Day Quotes - Duquesne (March 20)

March 20, 2016

Second Round · UConn vs. Duquesne

Gampel Pavilion · Storrs, Conn.

Sunday, March 20


Practice Day Quotes - No. 9 Seed Duquesne

Dan Burt, Duquesne Head Coach

On the first five minutes – “The first five minutes of the game are going to determine an incredible amount. They are going to try to dominate your soul for the first five minutes and break your soul. It is everything that we go and try to match their physicality from the very beginning, and that is what we plan to do.”

On game strategy – “We have to shorten passes, to begin with. Everything is going to come down to shortening passes. It is very difficult to get dribble penetration against them: they move their feet so well and are very active with their hands. You have to keep your dribble, stay off of the sidelines— where they use the sidelines as another defender— and you want to keep the ball in the middle as much as you can.”

On confidence – “If you are composed and confident, “every zoo is a petting zoo”, when you think about it. What that means is is that if we show great composure tomorrow and have great confidence, we’ll see if we can “pet the husky”, but I don’t know if we will. You can’t be cocky, and we are not that by any stretch, but you lose the game if you don’t think that you can win.”



April Robinson, Guard

On emotion going into the game – “There is a lot of excitement in the locker room. Yes they are the best team, but on any given night a team is beatable. As long as we execute our game plan, I think we have a great shot.”

On game tempo – “We have to play an up tempo game, but with control and by staying calm.”

Deva'Nyar Workman, Guard

On defensive strategy – “On the defensive end, we are going to have to pack it in to try to contain it to the best of our ability. The first five minutes are very important. We have to take care of the ball and come out strong.”

On facing UConn’s records – “They can be beaten. I am not going to get caught up in their greatness. I am going to play to my best of my ability against them; I’m not going to back down at all.”

Amadea Szamosi, Forward

On their ability to match up with UConn – “We have good players in every position, and we have the ability to score and defend. We always believe in each other and play with a lot of passion.”

On physicality – “It is very important that we play as tough as we can be. We have to take it all out and leave everything on the floor, especially on defense. We are going to have to be tough, and stop them early, and rely on each other. It is important that we talk, and stay together as a team, and keep our composure no matter what.”

On motivating the younger players – “The younger players' mentality is just the same way. They are so “in here”, and ready to fight, and give everything that they have. That is what is so special about all of us.”

Erin Waskowiak, Guard

On teammates support while recovering from an injury – “They are always real supportive of me, whenever I get into the game and coming back from a serious injury, so it means a lot to me that they are all supportive like that.”

On offense shown in conference tournament – “We’ve just been working really hard in practice, just working all together you know, being really supportive for all of us, being together and being like a family, and just playing hard.”

On team’s seniors – “They bring a lot of energy and they make sure all of us are all focused, times whenever we slip up a little bit you know they put us in line and make sure everything  is back in order. They are just amazing, all three are just amazing.”