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Game Day Quotes - Duquesne

March 22, 2016

Second Round · UConn vs. Duquesne

Gampel Pavilion · Storrs, Conn.

Monday, March 21


Post Game Quotes - No. 9 Seed Duquesne

Dan Burt, Duquesne Head Coach

Opening Statement – “I am incredibly proud of my team — our team — of our seniors. The three seniors have exemplified all of our standards and what we are at Duquesne. They are great individuals on the court, off of the court, and in the classroom. They showed composure and confidence, and they gave everything that they had on that floor for forty minutes, and we fell to a much better team. I think I said earlier, the most dominant team in the world, we lost to tonight and we gave everything we had.” 

On game strategy – “It was going according to plan. You couldn’t be any more proud of how we came out that first quarter. We didn’t play perfect by any stretch. We played well. They play incredible defense. Their length does bother you, because they have great size at every position. Let’s be frank, they are a vastly superior team. They are a great basketball team from their coaching to their players, but so are we. We gave them everything we had, and they just wear you down. They are in tremendous shape and it shows in how hard they play. It is something that we aspire to.” 



On the superiority of the UConn team – “They can really shoot the basketball. If we were going to get beat, we were going to dare them to shoot it. To their credit, they made shots. They are a great shooting basketball team with everything else that they do.” 

On looking forward to next season – “We’ve got to become a lot stronger. We’ve got to get in the weight room, and that is going to be critical. Our freshman have to get experience. The biggest thing is getting our freshman acclimated to the speed you have to play at. This is the best game that we could have had all year in terms of growth for our season, because they just showed us how hard you have to play if you want to reach a level that is a “Sweet Sixteen” level or better.” 

April Robinson, Guard

On the halftime score – “It was really hard, but we all went into the locker room and everyone had their heads up high. We still had twenty more minutes to play, and we gave it all that we had. We played with heart and we still believed. Obviously, they are the better team, though.” 

On the challenges of playing UConn – “The physicality that they brought is just unbelievable. Obviously, they scout us just as much as we scout them, so they were blowing up some of our plays. We kind of got in scattered situations.” 

On the legacy of the Duquesne basketball team – “I think we set the bar high for Duquesne women’s basketball. It’s about making it to the tournament, and making it to the next round and the next round, and continuing to make this program as good as it can be.” 

Deva'Nyar Workman, Guard

On the challenges of playing UConn – “They are some big girls. Their arms are really long but I was still trying to go up against them. I wasn’t backing down.” 

On the legacy of the Duquesne basketball team – “We made history; we made it to the NCAA Tournament. We won the first game, we made it to the second, and I’m actually glad that we went out to the number one team in the country. This is the best way to go out, for me.” 

Chassidy Omogrosso, Guard

On handling UConn’s pressure – “We gave it all we got. In the beginning, I think we gave them a run for their money and we handled their pressure and knew we had to stay calm and confident. They’re a great team. They’re number one in the country for a reason. Their physicality, their length, their quickness – that’s how they got their run. Stewart, with her wingspan, is unbelievable.”

Amadea Szamosi, Forward

On the teams reaction to UConn – “UConn is playing these higher-paced games more often during the season, but it was very important to see where we have to be and how much we can still improve. We’re just going to keep trying to build the Duquesne basketball program.”

On what they can take away from the game – “It was an amazing opportunity to see where we can be, but at the same time, to have this as the ending part of our season was a great way to keep us motivated and hungry for even more because now everyone has this feeling of what it takes to be great..”

Emilie Gronas, Guard

On keeping up with UConn – “We would get tired, and when we got tired, it became harder to make shots. I think that’s what happened a little bit, but we still took the shots and I am so proud of my teammates for that. There aren’t that many teams that can get open against UConn.”