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UConn/IUP Quotes

Nov. 1, 2016

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UConn Head Coach Geno Auriemma

On first game:

“You know every practice has been trying to get a feel for each other, we are trying to get an understanding of each other and how it all fits together. There is a little different pace at times than you know we want to play at and I think you have to get used to playing at that pace… I thought today was pretty decent, I thought players had a pretty good idea of what they wanted to do.”

On Gabby Williams’ Athleticism:

“She plays a lot bigger, obviously, than what she is listed at. On a day like today she can overwhelm the other team. When you know when you can do that, you have to do that. She was really good at the things she’s really good at today, she was really good at those things and that’s all we talked about going into the game: be really good at things that you are good at and the things that we practice”

On Kyla Irwin:

“You know the interesting thing about Kyla is she does a lot little things pretty well, she’s very comfortable with the ball in her hands, she’s comfortable shooting it, and she is comfortable throwing the pass.”

Sophomore guard/forward Katie Lou Samuelson

On being a key offensive player:

“I am going to take that responsibility if we are going to run plays through me. I want to be someone solid that my teammates can lean on. I am ready for that role. It is going to be fun this year.”

On the first game of the season:

“It was really nice. I was really excited, especially after how last season ended. It was nice to be back on the court. I am excited to play again. I wish we had a game tomorrow.”

On leadership:

“I think a lot of us have stepped up, trying to have a bigger vocal role. We are really trying to change the way we play and do the things we learned from the seniors last year.”

Junior guard Gabby Williams

On her play style:

“It feels more polished. I think I know how to use my talents better now. I feel like I have gotten smarter. I have really pushed myself in practice and really break through that wall when I am tired.”

On sustaining her play:

“I think it has a lot to do with my conditioning. At the end of last year coach kind of emphasized that for me. He wanted me to get into that kind of mental and physical shape that I know I can push through things even when I know I am tired.”

On facing bigger opponents:

“I am always trying to increase my versatility. It is harder for me to jump over larger opponents but I am trying to find what I can do differently and be really good against players.”