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UConn - Holy Family Post Game Quotes

Nov. 7, 2012

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UConn Head Coach Geno Auriemma

Did you consider giving your hometown team a discount tonight?

“We tried something new today. Let’s go to class, let’s not go down the night before, let’s not go shootaround, let’s not do any of that, just like a high school game. They acted like a bunch of high school players in the first half. It was just a weird night. A big building like this and not a lot of people, it’s cold, and a good team that we’re playing against. I don’t think many people realize that these teams, they’re pretty good. They ran their stuff in the first half and made the most of the shots that they got. That’s why you have exhibition games, so you can clean up stuff like that.” 

When was the last time you had 11 fouls and the other team had three?

“You foul when you have a lot of inexperienced guys. You look at the fouls and they were the young guys. Stefanie (Dolson), you can’t be a big guy in basketball anymore because everything’s a foul. Moriah (Jefferson), she’s got to learn how to keep her hands off people. Kaleena (Mosqueda-Lewis), the same thing. It’s hard because you can’t ever figure out what you can and can not do.”

Are you pleased with the options that you had offensively?

“I don’t think offense is going to be a problem. I say that, but it’s not going to be every night where you go out and make 18 3’s. We probably took more 3’s than I’d like to see us take, but the other team can dictate that too. They just put five guys in the lane and dare you to shoot it. We’ve got a really good shooting team. We shoot the ball well in practice every day and have guys that can make shots from a lot of different spots. I hope I’m right, but I don’t think scoring points is going to be one of the issues we have going forward.”

Sophomore Guard Brianna Banks

On changing her mindset from last year:

“I figured I was trying too hard and thinking about making mistakes all the time. Like most freshmen do, I didn’t want to mess up on the court, and I thought about that too much.  Clearly if you think about it too much you’re going to mess up, and every time I messed up another one came after it. Now I have a different mindset on the court. I know what to expect and what coaches expect of me.”

On importance of hitting the first shot:

 “It’s brings momentum to the team – a little spark. It’s good energy.”

On the biggest difference in her game from last year

“I know what my role is on the team.  I know what it is now and I know where to go and what to do.”

Freshman Forward Breanna Stewart

On being versatile:

I try not to hesitate, I try to be aggressive on offense.  If I’m open and I know I can knock down the shot, and it’s a reasonable shot, I’m going to take it. I’m just trying to help out the team and if it’s a shot that’s going to help out the team, I’m going to take it”

On her play so far:

“I think I have done some good things but I have some done some bad things too so there’s still a lot to learn because It’s only my second game and they were both exhibition games.”