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UConn-College of Charleston Post Game Quotes

Nov. 11, 2012

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UConn Head Coach Geno Auriemma

How pleased were you with the efficiency of your offense today?

“For a majority of the game I thought we got a lot done in a very efficient manner. That’s one of the things that we’ve been trying to do in our practices. A lot of our walk-throughs and film are just pointing out that there are opportunities to score, and score fairly quickly. We want to take advantage of those and I thought we did exactly that for the most part.”

Moriah (Jefferson) had four turnovers in the first half. Is she just trying to do too much out there?

“Probably. When you are a freshman and you want to make a good impression and you have a lot of energy, the thing with Moriah is that she wants to make something happen every time she touches the ball. I think as the season goes on her decision making will get better and better. Right now I just like that she is really aggressive.”

The team has scored over 300 points without possibly your best offensive player (Bria Hartley) on the floor. What do you see as the potential for when she comes back?

“I don’t know. It would be different. I don’t know if it would necessarily better or worse, it will just be different. I don’t know that you can really score a lot more points than we scored in the first three games even when Bria comes back. There is still an inexperience factor that is out there. The last eight minutes of the game, we scored eight points. We are still going to go through stretches where it isn’t going to be great, but from what I saw today and as I said after the game against Holy Family, I don’t think scoring points is going to be a problem. How many points may be irrelevant. I don’t think scoring is going to be a problem. We are going to score. Its making sure that we keep getting better at all the other things.”

Junior Center Stefanie Dolson

How pleased are you with the way the team played today?

“Very pleased. I think we went out right at the beginning of the game. They got the first basket, which we weren’t happy about, but we played awesome at the beginning of the game. We just had great pressure on the ball. You could see that our effort was there. I am definitely pleased with the overall effort tonight.”

On the offensive options:

“I think the options are endless. We have so many versatile players that can go out and hit a three or post-up inside. There are just so many players that can really spread the defense out so we can get cuts and run our offense really easily. It looks really good.”

On passing:

“I love it. I have always loved passing. I think it is kind of an underrated part of the game. I think it’s really what gets us open shots and good shots on offense. I definitely enjoy it. It is nice to have another big in there that can really post-up big. It’s easy to just lob the ball up there to her (Breanna Stewart) and she’ll get it.

Freshman Forward Breanna Stewart

How did this game compare to your expectations for the season opener?

“It was great. I thought we played a great game. It was our first game of the season. We obviously had some rough patches, but it just shows that if continue to work hard in practice, then we will have a really fun season.”

On unselfish play:

“I think it is just the players’ mentality (to be unselfish). The coaches don’t say anything about looking to make extra passes, because we are always all looking to make the extra pass. If anything they’re saying, “Shoot the ball.” Sometimes we are trying to pass too much. Coach told me once, ‘Try not to lead the nation in assists.’ I guess I appreciate that, but I am always looking for the open man.”