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Post Game Quotes

Nov. 11, 2013

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Head Coach Geno Auriemma

On Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis’ injury:

“We are going to keep evaluating her tonight and then tomorrow morning see how she responds. They really do not know anything right now. She landed on her palm on the floor and then when her arm bent and her elbow hit the floor…two separate things occurred that they are trying to figure out. We will know more after tomorrow morning.”

On seeing a player whom is typically healthy get injured:

“When I saw it, I could tell that her elbow had hit the floor. I didn’t see what happened before that. I think we have all been there sometime…it hurts. Kaleena is not one to be injured. From my standpoint, we are playing with our fingers crossed and going forward with the rest of the season. Anything that we see that looks like that, obviously, is disheartening a little bit.”

On the bench’s contribution:

“We shot the ball so poorly in the first half, shots that we normally make, whether it is in practice or games. I think people were dumbfounded that we missed shots. Like everybody else in America is allowed to miss shots, except us. I don’t think I saw one person try to offensive rebound a shot. Usually you just shoot it and then run back on defense. When Soniya came in and knocked those two in, she’s been doing that in practice. She is not afraid of anything. I really admire the way she approaches games and practices. She made a bunch of really good plays today and Kiah played the best game she has played since she has been at Connecticut. She was unbelievably good in just about every area. I hope that is the beginning of something because that changes our team dramatically. Stewart and Hartley both got the quick fouls. I don’t know that we would’ve won the game without Kiah.”

On the Stanford’s height matched up with Kiah Stokes:

“Well, one thing we know Kiah is going to do is that she is going play defensive pretty well and she is going to block some shots. What I didn’t anticipate was how aggressive she was on the offensive end, on the offensive boards. She made plays, she got herself involved, which she has been very hesitant to do. We watched Kiah in practice, she plays defense, she rebounds, and she blocks shot. She doesn’t do it all the time, but what she did today we see glimpses of in practice.”

Freshman Guard Saniya Chong

On the bench play:

“Kiah played an awesome game today. Morgan Tuck came in and hit a few threes and drove to the basket. I tried to help out on defense and shoot a few shots. I think we all played pretty well off the bench.”

On Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis’ injury:

“We were pretty shocked but we don’t really know any details so we’re just waiting.”

Senior Guard Bria Hartley

On her thoughts about Mosqueda-Lewis’ injury:

“It was a bit scary at first but we knew we still had a game to play and to focus on. We just have to hope that she gets better.”

On her performance in a big game:

“I think it comes from having experience and playing in games like this. When you have people going down and things not going your way, someone has to step up. I took the initiative and I thought that Kiah Stokes came in and played pretty well.”

Junior Forward Kiah Stokes

On Bria Hartley’s performance:

:She was amazing. She’s a senior and she really stepped it up. She’s a leader and we can’t ask for anything else. She’s doing her job and she played great.”

On Mosqueda-Lewis’ injury:

“I hope she’s ok. The coaches told us that she was getting taken care of and we had to go out and finish this game. I think we did a pretty good job of that. We still don’t know how she is; we’re praying for her and hoping for the best.”

On playing well in big game:

“It gives me a little bit of confidence. Coming in and knowing I can do it. I just have to be more consistent and prove it to the coaches every day of practice.”


Head Coach Tara Vanderveer:

Opening Statement

“First off, I hope that Kaleena (Mosqueda-Lewis) is all right. I don’t know the situation with her injury, but that was really sad to see someone go down. She’s a great player. We come out and play Connecticut with no illusions. We know that this is a very tough place to play and a very tough team. I’m very proud of how Amber (Orrange) and Chiney (Ogwumike) really competed for it. Amber especially had a great game. We played a lot of young people. Connecticut has a lot of returners. Obviously they brought in (Saniya) Chong as a freshman, and that was pretty obvious. Our freshmen are just really learning our system and I thought they just got better and better as the game went on. I think a game like this right now is really helpful for us. It’s not as much what happens tonight as what people will take from this and get better.”

On playing a game like this so early in the season

“I think it’s great for this particular team to have played this game right now. I told our team that it’s not going to be harder. Whatever team you are going to play, this is as hard as it gets. You’ve seen it, now what are we going to do about it. We need more people contributing. I think that people can, and it’s whether it’s some of our returners that have been out with some injuries coming around or it’s our freshmen, we’re just trying to find different lineups that can help us. It’s a matter of how people take this loss and how you go from here.”


Senior forward Chiney Ogwumike:

On the play in which Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis was injured

“I don’t know. I was just trying to get defensive rebounding position and there was a post in front of me, a post in front of me. I got pushed in the back and fell. I think Kaleena was behind me. I heard, I think it was her elbow. She is one of my closest friends so I wish the best for her. It’s just unfortunate but there were a lot of bodies colliding.”

On if the team was tight at the start of the game

“Not so much. I think anytime you play Connecticut it’s a challenge. I think we were more nervous our Boston College game. I think this really shows us what we need to work on.”

On the play of Kiah Stokes

“When they go big it’s really difficult because they pack into the paint. She is really long. She’s a good shot blocker. I think she was able to give them a solid defensive presence.”

Senior guard Amber Orrange:

On what she takes away from this game

“Just that they are the No. 1 team in the country for a reason. For our team, it’s only November. This is a learning experience. We have a lot of young players on our team and we’ll get better as time goes on.”