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UConn vs. Baylor Post Game Quotes

Nov. 17, 2016

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Head Coach Geno Auriemma
On Learning from Florida State game
"I think we learned this understanding that this is the way it is going to go. We are only in game two and they have already been through experiences that you sometimes don't go through in an entire season."

On tonight's performance
"Relative to last Monday night, we really earned it. We were good tonight. We were good when we had to be good."

On Dangerfield's performance
"With Crystal since day one it’s been a show me what you have and show me why you came to Connecticut type of deal. It took a while and we are still not there yet, she has a long way to go. But she was one of the best guards in the country coming in and were she goes from here will be fun to watch."

Were you surprised by her performance tonight?
"Both positively and negatively, I am really struggling with what the expectations should be for this team. It has been a headache enduing thing for me because I have no idea where expectations should be. Those last seven minutes they surprised me in a good way."

Sophomore Guard/Forward Katie Lou Samuelson
On Crystal Dangerfield
“Crystal definitely knows how to play in these big games and I knew that she is always going to step up. Once she hit that (first) three I knew that she was going to be one of the best people to go to this game so it’s just great to have someone that can come off the bench like that like she did and as freshman.”

On team making a statement
“I think just the fact that we are going to put up a fight every game and nobody is going to be able to just take us out and think like ‘oh they are just going to lose this game’. We are going to be ready to fight every single game we go into and we know it’s going to be difficult each game, but we know that we want to be in this situation and we just showed that every single night we can have a different person step up and be a big key to our win.

Junior Guard Gabby Williams
On getting into foul trouble
“I am definitely disappointed as far as how the first half went especially because I told myself I was never going to be in that position again and to be in it in the next game was really frustrating for me, but I was really happy how I came back from it.”

On what the team learned beating the #2 team
“That we can fight, you know, we can push back and I think we kind of showed the rest of the country that it is not going to be as easy as you think it is going to be to beat UConn this year. We wanted to make that statement and it was good to see multiple guys, almost everybody that played, showed some fight and some fire in them.”

Freshman Guard Crystal Dangerfield
On Gampel Pavilion
“I loved it. Especially the introduction and the banner coming down. I think the home crowd helped the game go along, with their energy, their excitement with every shot, (overall) everything.”

On building her confidence
“It’s huge and I knew sooner or later that the coaches would know that I am capable of it and they want to see it and they expect it so I just have to go out there and do it.”

Head Coach Kim Mulkey
On the post play tonight
"I think Kalani (Brown) getting in foul trouble early took us out of a rotation and things that we wanted to do. But again, we have to go back and look at the film and figure out why we got so few post touches. We're a team that has five post players that can play and four seemed to be the magical number tonight. I think they each only had four shot attempts. I think we have to ask ourselves was it foul trouble, was it not demanding the ball, was it the guards not being able to deliver passes, was it Connecticut's defense? So we'll go back and look at the film and get better."

On if she was surprised by Connecticut tonight
"No. I knew they could shoot it really well, I knew they ran a lot of stuff. They did exactly what you expect them to do. I thought in the first half our turnovers and their ability to get offensive boards was critical. In the second half, I thought our turnovers and our inability to get post touches and late in the shot clock when we were on defense they hit big shots."

On the difference in the last seven minutes of play
“Toughness. Just flat out toughness, taking balls away from posts when they threw it in there. A turnover here or there, just cuts for them on offense. Just toughness - that's all it was."