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Postgame Quotes: 11/20/13 (UConn 114, Oregon 68)

Nov. 20, 2013

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Head coach Geno Auriemma

On Stefanie Dolson’s triple double:

“It was brought to my attention that the last time that was done, was Laura Lishness, the pride of Bristol, Connecticut…a long time. Something that you have to be a pretty good all around player to accomplish something like that. Stefanie hasn’t had the chance to handle the ball much these last couple games because defenses have been playing against her. I though tonight she was fabulous. She did all of the things that make her the All-American she is…at both sides of the floor. That is what we have come to expect from Stefanie and I am really happy for her. Nobody deserves it more than her.

On the school yard basketball tonight:

“I don’t even think that is school yard basketball. Where I grew up we wouldn’t be allowed to play anymore because some of the shots they take are indescribable. Paul Westhead has coached a lot better players than I have ever coached in his career, both in the NBA and men’s college basketball, certainly in the WNBA…he is out there. He has a different way of seeing things and a different mindset. He is not afraid to be different…certainly, they are different.”

Was the bench aware that Stefanie was close to a triple double?

“About a minute and a half before it happened, I wanted to leave Stefanie and Bria Hartley in there. I tend to do that for the seniors…it’s the last time they will be playing, their senior year. It’s their last time out…they deserve it. So, I was going to leave her in they’re until the end, then someone said to me she needs one more assist for a triple double. I just hoped she was going to get it. I thought she was going to get it on that pass to Moriah Jefferson, but Moriah made an even better pass back to her…sometimes it just happens that way.”

On trying to take advantage of your inside game with Breanna Stewart and Stefanie Dolson:

“I think when you play against a team that is going to attempt as many three’s as them…twenty-eight was not that many compared to how many they can take, sometimes in the forties…the tendency is to get caught up in this type of game. There were times in the first half where we did. We shot more air balls in the first half then we have all year long. Your heart is racing when your going at that pace and it is not easy to make shots. For us, the game plan going in was to make sure we make two or three passes and make them play some defense because we can catch our breath and get whatever shot we want…that’s the way it played out. I think Paul’s strategy, too, was they were pressuring us on the ball, figuring we would throw and they would trade two’s that we are going to get for three’s we get at the other end. It is not a bad way to go, but I think we passed the ball a little bit better than the average team.”

Senior Guard Bria Hartley

On how it is to play in a fast-paced game:

“I think it’s pretty fun especially when you have contributions from everyone. I think everyone is pretty happy with the way we played tonight. It helps build confidence.”

On playing with a small bench:

“I think anyone on our team can step up and do that. We’ve been getting some really good contributions from everyone. I think all of our players can lead this team.”

On playing at a high level:

“I think I have a lot of confidence out there. Now that it’s my fourth year I have a lot of experience. I think it’s exciting being out there.”


Senior Center Stefanie Dolson

On her triple-double:

“I knew the way of the game was going it was bound to happen. I think every player tries to improve every part of their game. I’ve always been a good passer but ever since I’ve gotten here I’ve been better at scoring and gotten better at rebounding. I’m proud of myself and my teammates for finding me and allowing me to get this tonight.”

On what it means to be just the second UConn player to record a triple-double:

“I’m honored. There’s no other word to describe it. I’m really surprised when they told me that. I never expected it. I’m just very happy.”

Oregon Head Coach Paul Westhead

On the game:

“There is not much that they didn’t do well. They shot the ball. I’m not a stat studier, but was it 90% they made, or just 65%? A good bit of it is just their high ability level. We’re a team in the learning process, so when teams score we’re going to run it right at you. We didn’t do enough of that. If a teams going to score on you and you’re not going to run it at them, you get kind of caught in no mans land.”

Is this where you’d hoped to be with this group right now?

“I’m trying to give them a scheme to win, and the scheme is no matter how the opposition beats you, if you can retaliate with a purpose and know that you are going to run it faster than they just beat you, then you have a chance. That’s the process that they are running. Sometimes they misunderstand. When you play a team like this, you have to do more than wishful thinking. They shoot the ball really well, they really cut us up inside…They (Connecticut) earned it. They are the No. 1 team, they are the champions and they played like it tonight. I don’t feel badly about that. I still see that our team needs to generate more speed no matter what happens to them on the defensive end.”

On Stefanie Dolson:

“She was close to perfect. She shooting, her poise, her rebounding, her passing. I know she’s a good passer. I wasn’t surprised…She played a very poised, experienced game. She saw advantages and took them. I can’t say that we take any credit for it. I can’t say we intentionally left her alone. We wanted to see if they could beat us on the perimeter, but they were pretty good in and out and running.”