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UConn/Dayton Quotes

Nov. 22, 2016

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UConn head coach Geno Auriemma

On how he got Katie Lou Samuelson more involved:

“We just ran a couple of sets for her. We would force her to get into the lane and throw it to her so she could get something in the lane. I think once she touched the ball and scored that got her off and running. Sometimes you just need one touch or one bucket to get you going. It was the most aggressive I’ve seen her, with the combination inside and outside, in the first four games.”

On Gabby’s aggression:

“We’re trying to just play to our strengths. We mentioned this to our players, we’re not going to get any bigger as the season goes one. I never remember a year when our post players got taller. This is what we’ve got and we just have to constantly play to our strengths. Certainly, Gabby played to all of her strengths today, she did all the things that she knows she’s good at and it was really good to see her get involved in so many different ways, she’s been so much more versatile defensively than in the previous two years.”

On the offense:

“If you could tell every team how to defend you it would be great, but each game is different and each team tries to do something completely different defensively. They put a lot of pressure on you with your dribble, so they put a lot of people in the lane on you. So, when they miss there’s not a lot of people back on defense a lot of times. What ended up happening is we were able to get out in transition. We rebounded the ball a little better and we got out in transition a little better. We got some easy buckets, which we didn’t get against LSU or Baylor. That really helped.”

Sophomore forward Katie Lou Samuelson

On setting a second consecutive career-high:

"I just wanted to come out today and play as hard as I could and do different things. I know I had a lot of threes against LSU and I'm not going to get that every game so I try to do more than just stand on the three-point line."

On the correlation between rebounds and making a basket:

"Yeah I think there is definitely a correlation to that. My biggest key is getting the highest amount of points while standing on defense. When I was focusing on that, things started to fall better and we were all playing well together which made it easier to make those shots."

On if they’ve made a statement not falling off at the start of the season:

" I think so. I think we just prove that every game we are going to put up a fight and we are not just going to give the game to anybody. We're not going to go down without a fight and I think we have shown that in the past few games, but we have a long road ahead of us and good competition coming up so we're going to have to keep that up."

Dayton head coach Shauna Green

On what the team takes away from playing UConn in the middle of such a grueling road trip:

"I thought we did some things we wanted to do. We came out strong. We talked about coming out and having a good start and really attacking them from the tip. I thought we had a great first quarter, and we had a really good third quarter. But against a team like that, your downs can't be as down as what we were. We just had some self-inflicted wounds with our transition and our fouling. We've got to learn from it. They're (Connecticut) physical, they're tough and that's exactly how they win. We play Georgia Tech on Friday and they are the exact same way so hopefully this will prepare us for them."

On the team having a lot of fight despite the score and how important that was:

"That's huge and that's what I told them. I don't care about the score. I don't look at the scoreboard, it's what we are doing. We've got to keep getting better. I played some different people to see what we are made of. That's all we've been preaching - you have to fight. It doesn't matter, just continue to play hard and with some energy and some passion."

On how the team has come together after the coaching change:

"I think we're coming together fine. Systematically, most of it is the same so that wasn't a big change for them. They're all great. They're together. Like I said, this is a great team so you have to be on point and you can't have a lot of unforced turnovers and the fouling. We'll be ok."

On their hopes for the trip to Bimini:

"It's two great opportunities, playing Georgia Tech and either Missouri or Creighton. That's three great teams from Power Five conferences. It's just another opportunity for us to play good teams and get better. If we can get two wins down there, that just builds your resume for later on in March. I really want to see how we respond to this and see our mental toughness, see how we take this and use it to get better."