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UConn-Buffalo Post Game Quotes

Nov. 26, 2011

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UConn Head Coach Geno Auriemma

This was a better effort and intensity today right?

“Yeah. I thought it was a lot better. It started off slow because this is a weird time. I’ve always said that this is a weird time during this week. You’re sitting around all day and playing at night. There’s nobody around. It’s not ideal. So I’m not surprised with the little bit of a slow start. I think the things that we’re supposed to be able to control, we controlled them. The things we’re supposed to get done, we got done.”

“When Tiffany plays the way she’s playing that whole first half, with that kind of aggressiveness, it’s awfully comforting to the rest of the team. Tonight it wasn’t just staying out there and shooting threes and being one dimensional. She did a lot of things that we’ve seen her do in the past. I think that came out in the shoot-around this morning. I got that sense from her. I’m really happy for her.”

Were you glad to see that Hayes was aggressive but under control tonight?

“For the most part, she’s been like that since the beginning of practice. There haven’t been the wild rushes into the crowds. She’s been really steady for the most part. She just hasn’t knocked down her shots, unfortunately. Everything else, she’s done a pretty good job. She did again today.”

“That’s two out of the last three games where she had double figure rebounds. That’s the kind of stuff you like to see seniors do. More than just shoot the ball. That makes it a lot easier for everybody else to do what they do.”

After last night, did she take it personal to come out and lead tonight?

“I would hope so. I didn’t talk to her about that. I kind of got a sense that there was going to be a different mindset; that she was going to create a little more instead of just stand there and shoot. Nobody creates more offense for us than Tiffany does.”

Buffalo Head Coach Linda Hill-MacDonald

Talk to about how you started the game.

“I thought we started the game very well. The first ten minutes we were executing offense. We were handling their pressure. We were taking care of the basketball… for the first ten minutes. Unfortunately, it is a 40 minute game.”

What can your team learn from a game like this?

“We they played against one of the best teams in the nation and I think there’s a lot of things to be learned. There’s a lot of things to be learned about the speed of the game. When you cut hard, good things happen. We learned about being intense on defense, regardless of the score. I think UConn exhibited great teamwork. Their post play was great. We’ll go back and look at it on tape. Our post players will study how UConn played in the post. So, there are many, many valuable lessons. Playing in front of this crowd was great for our kids.”

On UConn’s pressure and how they forced you into an unusual amount of turnovers

“They’re everywhere. They’re so long and athletic and quick. If your spacing gets bad, if your passes get too high, or too slow, or too low, then they’re going to take the ball from you. I thought we, many times, were passing the ball too long. There were many passes that weren’t to the target. Between that and their offensive rebounding, those two things alone huge in the outcome of this game and why the point spread was so great. But, I hate turnovers and they forced us into way too many tonight. Hopefully, we can learn a lesson from that. Again, going back and looking on film is so valuable. Sometimes players don’t believe you when you say their pass is too long or too high. They don’t believe you until they see it on film and film doesn’t lie.”