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UConn-Colgate Postgame Quotes

Nov. 28, 2012

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Head Coach Geno Auriemma

On Kelly Faris’ success in tonight’s game:

“I talk to people all the time, they talk about how hard she worked and I don’t know anybody who’s ever worked any harder than Kelly. No one deserves to be rewarded more than she does. There’s always been a good spot for her on any team at any level because making shots is a bonus when you’ve got somebody like Kelly. You look at her stat sheet today and that’s pretty impressive for someone to be able to do all that. Like somebody said at practice a couple weeks ago, we’re going to miss her…well, not yet.”

On Brianna Banks sustaining her “new-self”:

“She’s been playing with a lot of confidence, she’s shooting the ball with a lot of confidence and I think that has freed her up to just play instead of worrying about, should I shoot or should I not, should I pass or drive…she’s just playing and she feels confident out there and she practices with confidence, she knows what her role is, she knows what she’s capable of doing and she’s doing it. You know on this year’s team if you get a chance to play and you play well then you will keep playing and that’s where she is right now.”

Is Brianna Banks one of the biggest surprises on this year’s team?

“I think so, I mean, you don’t know, all the time how kids are going to come back from their summer of freshman year, but you can usually tell whether somebody is going to be a player by what they do those two years and if they are serious about the game, and serious about being good then that is the time it shows. For Brianna it’s evident that she put a lot of time and effort into not just the game but acquiring a different outlook. Every kid that you recruit at Connecticut is with the hope that they all do that, some do and some don’t, but you hope that they all do that.”

On Assistant Coach Shea Ralph working with the guards on shooting and the approach/technique she took over the past summer to shooting:

“We just shot more, I think we probably shoot more than most teams that I know. When people come watch us practice they comment about that and for the whole month of September/October before practice started they got a lot of shots in and they are good three-point shooters for the most part. You know, Brianna was a real good three-point shooter in high school, so was Bria Hartley, so was Caroline Doty, so was Moriah Jefferson. So, we’ve got guys who are good three-point shooters. You know, you can shoot all you want, but if you’re not that good, you won’t get much better. We just made sure we got a lot of shots up every single day and we still do.”

On the margin of victory:

“You know I don’t think the margin of victory is going to have any effect on any game going forward. I think that the only danger is if you try get up by a certain number. I’ve always worried about that, that you’ve had those expectations that you’re up 20 by the first TV time-out, then you play in a game where that does happen and you’re getting anxious, but you know we’ve got enough players that have played in a lot of games and they know what’s coming next Monday and they know what’s coming next Thursday, and they know it’s not going to be like it was tonight or against the College of Charleston. It’s going to be different and sometimes what people forget is the players welcome that.

The luxury of having seven players who can pass the ball in an elite fashion:

“Well we spend a lot of time passing the ball and we tend to recruit good passers. It’s one of the first things we look for when we recruit a kid is if they are a good passer. I’m not surprised, we usually lead the country or are close to it in assists every year and that’s the way we play and the kind of players we recruit. They are unselfish and always looking to pass, sometimes to a fault. Sometimes I’ve got to get on them to shoot more, but that’s who we are and that’s the way we play.”

Senior Guard Kelly Faris

On her confidence this year:

“I think each year I have gradually picked up a little bit more confidence and right now I feel good about it. I think right now we’re all working together really well and getting a lot of different options. Personally, I feel I’m making better decisions than I used to, and I need to keep working and getting better at it.”

On facing Maryland:

“It will be big test for us come Monday. They’re a great team – a great offensive rebounding team. We have a lot of young guys who haven’t been through that type of thing yet and haven’t been through that big test. It’s going to be up to us older guys to be able to control everyone and get everyone on the right page.”

Sophomore Guard Brianna Banks

On becoming an impact player:

“It’s a lot of fun to come out and be helpful to the team instead of bringing them down when they’re doing well.”

On being ready for Maryland:

“I guess it’s a test for me to see what I’m ready for. If I keep working in practice and doing the things I’ve been doing every day then I’ll be ready. I feel good and I’m having fun.”

On her progress this year:

“When you come here you want to play, and in order to play you need to meet expectations. That’s something I’m trying to do every day.”