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UConn/Chattanooga Quotes

Nov. 29, 2016

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UConn head coach Geno Auriemma

On Naphessa Collier:

"I always say there are two things in life that are automatic,  you throw it to Naphessa she's going to score, and if you throw it to the girl she's guarding she's going to score. You can count on those two things happening and we are going to try to eliminate one of those two things and keep getting her better at scoring points."

On Gabby Williams:

 "She is very consistent and her conditioning has gotten so much better. She has a better understanding of what she can do and what she wants to do. Gabby used to make up her mind before she crossed half court now she has a great temperament on the floor. It is hard to get her out of her comfort zone."

On their slow start:

 "That's the world we live in today. Our guys play when they are in the mood. In the second half they felt like it in the first half they didn't feel like it. Hall of fame coach or not they don't care."

On facing a difficult schedule going forward:

" I hope these ranked teams are as good as everybody says they are because we need to get our butts beat soon and bad so some of our guys will come to realize this is not as easy as they think it is."

On ways of winning:

"There are two ways to win. One is you have amazing talent and you overwhelm the teams you play with the talent that you have. Second is you are a really hard-nosed tough team. When you have both you have 6 undefeated seasons like we have had."

Junior forward Gabby Williams

On playing a tough December schedule with many ranked teams:

"I think we are getting more and more prepared everyday and we see things improving and we see things that we need to improve on. I've liked that we've seen a lot of adversity early on and I like that we've seen a lot of different styles of play. I think that it is getting us more prepared."

On playing without Crystal Dangerfield:

"You know she is an amazing passer, so (we needed her) to get things in transition and just to not have that depth was kind of tough. I don't think we slept at all in the first quarter and if we did it was pretty late, we have to get ourselves ready because who knows who could be out the next game. We have to be ready to play as many minutes as we need to."

Sophomore forward Napheesa Collier

On needing to improve defense:

"I do agree that my defense needs a lot of work. It is not ok for me to give up baskets all the time. It is something I need to work on."

On her offense:

"I think I am being more aggressive and confident than I was last year. I think that that year really gave me perspective and now I am just trying to come back stronger."

On team counting on her to score:

"I don't think they need me just to score, but if I do need to score and it's what the team needs, then I will do it. I think last year really taught me that I cannot play scared pretty much." 


Chattanooga head coach Jim Foster

On the difference in three-pointers against Maine vs. against UConn:

"We were very out of sorts against Maine. They did a good job, but we were really discombobulated and did not play a good game and Maine had a very good game. When we play with a purpose and move the ball we have a chance to be a good team. That's the reason I played Geno's team, they set the standard for ball movement, for personnel movement and playing against that you see the efficiency of it and the ability to break teams down with ball movement. That is something that we have to do and have to get better at. We learned a lot about that tonight."


On what you say to your team after a run like the one UConn went on in the third quarter:

"When you get into those types of situations, players tend to start to rush on offense and take it personally, like they are going to make something happen. We are not that kind of team. On the defensive end, you're trying to make plays and you're not going to make a play against this team. We're not the type of team that goes for steals, we're the type of team that can get burned when we go for steals. We're making decisions on the defensive end that lead to opportunities and on the offensive end we start to feel the pressure and we want to go faster and try to create. We have to learn to stay within the framework of what we are good at and play that way."


On their difficult non-conference schedule:

 "I think in the long run it has to help because you have to learn to play hard every night. The program has had success within of the framework of our conference and getting to the NCAA Tournament, but it hasn't had success winning in the NCAA Tournament. Playing more teams that are going to be playing in March, you get an idea of what you have to be like. We've had some decent performances against some of those teams, we played hard enough against some of those teams, but the execution, the where with all to be able to make some plays, we're running around with a freshman point guard. Exposing her to this, I think it's going to help us in the long run."