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UConn/DePaul Quotes

Dec. 1, 2016

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UConn head coach Geno Auriemma

On fast start:

"I don't know if I can fully explain it. I just think we played with a little bit more of a purpose defensively and that got us off and running and created a lot of easy shots."

On Kia Nurse's performance:

"She put herself in really good situations where she could make easy plays and take easy shots. She's been trying so hard to put points up on the board that she has been fighting herself more than anything else. I thought today she took all good shots except for 1 or 2. She looked very comfortable and a lot of times that is all it takes to play well is to be comfortable."

On defensive effort:

"We started the game saying that they might get some layups on us but they are not going to get any easy threes. The game-plan that we had the players followed, which is not normal, and they did it perfectly."

On difficult upcoming schedule:

"We played 20 minutes of good basketball in the 1st and 3rd quarters, the other 2 quarters nothing good. We played 20 good minutes against a quality team, but is 20 good minutes going to be enough to be Texas, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Maryland, I don't think so."

On getting a lot of fast break points:

"We knew there was going to be a lot of opportunities for us to run up and down the floor we just wanted it to be at our pace rather than theirs. When they started pressing us we started getting layups. I don't think they expected us to run on them the way that they did."

Sophomore forward Katie Lou Samuelson 

On team making a statement with the big win:

"Right now, especially today's game, we wanted to prove something for ourselves and as a team I wanted to accomplish figuring out how we were going to go into every game, we wanted to play as hard as we can, and we wanted to show that we want to play and we are going to have fun doing it. So I think when we play like that it kind of doesn't matter who we are playing, we are going to have to go out like that no matter if it is the number one team or anyone else below that."

On the team getting more comfortable with each other:

"I think we are definitely getting a little more comfortable on the court with each other as you can see, we have a different person step up almost every night and do different things. So I think just being able to rely on at least someone is really big for us."

Junior forward Gabby Williams

On upcoming matchup versus Texas:

"You know it’s great because it is a completely different clip. DePaul is completely different than Chattanooga and now Texas is going to be completely different than DePaul. We are getting a lot of things done and we are going to have to deal with the size again, which isn't something new for us, but it is still going to be a challenge."

On the team showing more toughness and pride in this game:

"I think because you know we took it personally for ourselves and as a team and as a program. We didn't want to let the people who came before and built all of this, we didn't want to let them down. I think it is almost disrespectful at this program is you are not playing as hard as you possibly can and not being completely unselfish." 

Junior guard Kia Nurse

On scoring 33 points:

"I didn't think about it very much, there wasn't a whole lot of thinking in terms of shots today or scoring or any of those kind of things. It was more what can you do on the defensive end and how can you affect the game in other ways." 

On team building confidence:

"It's definitely a confidence booster, but I think it was more the practices before coming in where it was kind of understanding what you wanted to focus on those days and make sure you have little goals and then building off of them."

DePaul head coach Doug Bruno

On what happened in the first quarter:

"UConn is really good and they did a good job of just taking it to us from the jump ball."

On if the team felt any pressure coming into this game:

"Geno has to worry about his team. His team is really good and talented and yet they might not be living up to his and UConn's standards. We've got to worry about our team and our team has had some good possessions but we haven't been good yet this year either. We had a good score the other day against Syracuse but we still didn't do a lot of things correct. So, when you are not executing the way you want to execute, which is what we have been doing all year, and then you play against somebody as talented as UConn, you run the risk of being exposed. Let me say this, I think it's really important because everyone will dwell on the score. I'd still rather have the players in this locker room having the gumption to play. On 12 teams out of 330 play these guys (UConn) non-conference, and I'd rather have those guys in the locker room with the guts to play these guys, even if they happen to get absolutely annihilated like we did. I just really, really rather them have the guts to step out on the floor and try it than not try it...There's a lot of teams at this time of year that are really good that are playing some of the bottom of the Division I food chain, so I'd rather our players do what they did and even fail than not. UConn's really good."

On how they put this behind them and get ready for Notre Dame:

 College basketball really is cruel and its cool. When you throw the ball to the other team and give up breakaway layups like we did tonight it's pretty cruel, especially against good players. It's also cool because you get a chance to come back pretty quickly, and I've seen teams throughout my many years, six, seven, eight days later, you don't even know it's the same team. We really are going to be better for what happened tonight than for not having played tonight. We're not thinking about Notre Dame now because we have Prairie View on Monday, but our team will be better against Notre Dame because they played this game. Notre Dame, UConn, Baylor, South Carolina, those are the best teams in the country. That's a fact."