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UConn- Penn State Post game Quotes

Dec. 6, 2012

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UConn Head Coach Geno Auriemma

On Kelly Faris’ ability to take different-style players out of the game:

“It’s unusual to have somebody like that, but that’s the value that she brings to our team. I remember Tamika Williams was a lot like that, she could guard guards and post players, pretty much anybody on the floor. That’s kind of the last person that comes to my mind quickly. We are really lucky that we’ve got somebody who can do all those things. I think the way that we played, especially in the second half made it difficult for them to find her. I think that’s reflective of everybody on the team, but I think they have confidence that Kelly is going to do her part and everyone’s else do their other parts.”

On the officiating preventing both teams from showcasing the game’s talent:

“I know two of those guys did the game last night, the Baylor-Notre Dame game, so maybe they were suffering jet lag, I don’t know. I just think we have some real issues in women’s basketball and unless they get addressed, you’re going to see more of these games and that’s not fair.”

On considering getting ejected in order to prove a point:

“No, I really didn’t want to get thrown out. I had no intention. I did threaten one of the officials, I said I really do want to get thrown out, I’m going to get thrown out a little bit later. They just said no you’re not and then walked away. They knew I wasn’t serious but its just unfortunate. Everybody saw the game so I don’t need to comment on it, its just unfortunate.”

The statement Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis made tonight:

“One of the things that was brought up in the locker room at one point after the game by one of the players had a lot to do with learning how to play through difficult situations. She spent her whole freshman year kind of wandering around the three-point line, hoping and praying that she would get another opportunity to shoot a three. Today she had three offensive-foul calls, at least two that I know of and they were uncharacteristic for her because all preseason and since we’ve played she’s done a really good job of getting people off their feet and one dribble by them and its really a high percentage shot for her. But today, I think when she saw the way the game was being officiated she wanted to attack the basket more and that’s her mentality right now. She wants to post up, she wants to attack up the middle. As a result of that she is getting some really good looks outside the three-point line as well. She’s done what I’d hope most players would do. She took what she was really good at as a freshman and what she was not good at and adjusted her game and now she’s a sophomore and she’s a different player then she was last year.”

Sophomore Forward Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis

On getting back from injury:

“I have been in the locker room pretty much all day trying to rehab and get my health back. It felt really good during shoot around so I’m happy I was able to come out and perform.”

On playing two top-10 teams this week:

“Both opponents were very aggressive and they both came out strong. But I think for our team, we didn’t let the first half affect the whole game. We came out in the second half of both games and made some changes so we could come out more aggressively on defense.”

On learning to play in close games:

We’re maturing as a team. We know that every game isn’t going to be handed to us so we’re going to have to work at it. It’s been like that in practice against the practice players so learn to bring ourselves back up when we get down.”

Freshmen Guard Moriah Jefferson

On what changed since the game on Monday:

“Honestly, I think I just have more confidence. Like I said before, I have to play with confidence because that’s what coach wants. Anytime I get on the floor I have to play with confidence and slow myself down.”

On post-game conversation:

“We were talking about how we need to play like we know how to play. We need to run through our offenses because our defense is good but we need to get our offense going and run through cuts and play hard.”

On what she learned this week:

“I think we just have to be physical. We can’t let these guys get us out of our offense. So just playing physical and getting through our offenses because you can see we have a really good defense”.