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Oklahoma Post Game Quotes

Dec. 19, 2017

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Head Coach Geno Auriemma 

Geno on 1000 wins, his first wins of the thousand

"You know the frist 12 were the hardest of all 1,000 of them trust me. Its a great memory i have of that group. they were so excited, so happy and I have never seen a bunch of fkids happier to get 12 wins. To see them today and see where they have been, they still carry it around with them and theyll always be part of this."

Geno on the celebration

"A little over the top dont you think! I think the people that got the most satisfaction out of the celebration were the players. The players that have played here and this years players. They seemed most engaged and had the most fun. It meant a lot to them. We alwasy try to make it about our players and tonight was just another example of that."

Geno on his first years 

"I remember thinking that it was going to be really easy, I thought how could it be hard? I was so self assure and so cocky and so full of myself that of course it was going to be easy.....It wasnt until the middle of January that it started to dawn on me and youre not as good as you thought you were and youre only going to be as good as the players you are able to get here. I realized I am pretty good at what I do but it doesnt matter unless you get the players that are really really good"

Head Coach Sherri Cole:

How much does this game help you for your next game against Texas playing well against a very good team?

"I think it helps us for the rest of the season because you have to be on the floor with that (UConn) to understand the level, both in terms of intensity and execution. I did not think we were intimidated, I thought we played really hard, I thought we did good things and had success with things. So it just changes the way everybody else looks and feels when you go up against it."

Obviously the outcome wasn't what you wanted, but what does it mean to be part of this milestone 1,000th victory?

"I'm a competitor. It's an amazing accomplishment, but I wish it had happened against somebody else."

On his effect on women's basketball during his career

"Obviously he has set the bar at a crazy high level. It's both the way his teams play and the way they conduct themselves. It's total class and the momentum that he has been able to capture and ride through a couple of decades is almost incomprehensible."

Forward Azura Stevens

On the game

"I think they just came out attacking, they were making shots and getting some easy scores in the lane so they had momentum. Usually we try to take momentum away from teams early on in the game and we just let them hang around."

On the pressure of the night

"We new this was coming. I talked to him before the game and asked him how he felt about it. The pressure is in performing how UConn performs every night and not really on this. He didn't make it a big deal but I know it's a special moment for him."

On being apart of win 1000

"It's amazing to see all the tradition and the history, and to live that out everyday. It's cool to see the first team come back and to see Coach and CD after the game and how happy they were. This is just a really great moment for all of us."

Guard Kia Nurse

On their strategy when the game was close

"We were just talking about trying to get stops on defense and moving the ball, making sure people were getting to open spots and trying to get inside as much as possible and have our bigs do as much work as they needed to."

On the break

"In a sense the break was a really good thing because you get to step back and be home for a little while after long travels and you get to refresh your mind. At the same you're not necessarily playing games, you're just practicing and trying to get better at the little things. I think today we came out ok and we had to keep pushing through."

On the ceremonies

"This milestone they came up on is extremely special and they're special people that absolutely deserve this. What's so great about them is that they genuinely want you to be better basketball players and better people. They go out of their way to come back and have a passion for this game and a passion to make you a better person and when people care about you like that, that's why you see so many alumni coming back for this."