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UConn 86, LSU 40 Quotes

Dec. 21, 2015

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UConn Head Coach Geno Auriemma

On team's performance without Breanna Stewart:

"I thought defensively we were pretty good. I think it took us a while offensively to get into any kind of a rhythm. You know taking Stewart out of the lineup is like taking four players out. She is one of our best inside players, our best high post player against the zone, our best three point shooter, and one of our best passers. All of the sudden things change and we can't possibly look the same without her in the lineup."

On Kia Nurse’s' aggressive performance 

"I think thats what Kia does. She is aggressive in everything she does and she is not going change her style of play with Stewart out."


UConn Head Coach Nikki Fargas

On Moriah Jefferson:

"Moriah Jefferson is one of the smartest defenders out there. I thought it would be best putting her on Deemer, with the defensive style that Moriah plays and how she doesn't take a position off. [Moriah] took the defensive challenge of really shutting down our best player. I think that is where we got to be more creative and with play action, wether we are playing Deemer off ball screens, playing off of hand-offs. We tried to do some of that tonight."

"I think you have a team that has depth in the sense of leadership. Moriah Jefferson picked it up, she definitely lead the attack and you knew that when one man goes down the rest of the team is going to respond and thats what you had, you had a team that responded with their best player being out."

On the positives from tonight’s game:

"I think you have to pull out the possessions where we did some good things. Pull out the possessions where we did get some looks and didn't connect. Defensively there were some opportunities for us to have them go one and done and we gave up some offensive rebounds. There are some good possessions that we can build off of. This is only going to help us prepare for SEC play."