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Memphis Post Game Quotes

Dec. 31, 2017

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UConn Head Coach Geno Auriemma

On Gabby Williams:

"I thought the biggest thing was how active she was on defense, I think that lead to everything else. She started off the game that way and she has had a couple of good days to take the time away. It really did wonders for her. Hopefully we can put together two to three weeks of this, but it was a great start for this part of the season."

On being undefeated in the conference:

"We are trying to get, obviously, a win every time we play. That's obviously the goal. Like today, we got Gabby going in a good direction so the more we can do that the more we can get not only a win, but get people playing with a sense of confidence and getting back to what they do. I have said this before, the fact that we are in the league, kind of changes it. I think the conference race will be pretty tight. I think there is maybe four or five teams that will be hard to separate them but the way it has been, its been a big gap between us and everyone else, but among everyone else it has gotten a little bit better."

On Meghan Walker on second half:

"I ask her at half time, you know, I said are you ok to play? She said yeah. She has been sluggish in practice trying to get her legs back. She said yeah I am good to go. She loves that corner three doesn't she. She is obviously very talented, everyone knows that we are just trying to, again, this was a perfect game and hopefully this week we can get her in some sort of rhythm. She feels like this is what I do, I rebound, I try to be a better defender, I get myself involved offensively in a lot of different ways."

On offensive rebounds:

"For us that's always a sticking point you know, we feel like we need to rebound offensively better in general. Today they came from a lot of different people, you know, so it wasn't one person and we generally don't do well in that department. We shoot and run back because we think it is going in all the time. So it has been a little bit of an emphasis in practice and it showed today." 

Senior Forward Gabby Williams

On her play today:

"I am just trying to do the things I am good at. I went back to the fundamentals and the things that make me a good player and it seemed to work."

On starting 10-10:

"I was more focused on getting it going on defense, whenever I start good there, then my game will just come to me. I had to pick up my full court defensive intensity."

On her teams defense:

"It's always great when you have all 5 guys on the floor looking to get steals or looking to get in the passing lanes. It seemed like everyone was on the same page today."

Memphis Head Coach Melissa McFerrin:

You had been playing better basketball recently, how do you not let a loss like this set you back?

"If you let a loss to UConn on UConn's home court set you back, then you're not doing the right things emotionally. They're not going to lose games in this building, I don't think...They're not going to lose one on their home court. You take from it what you should take from it and you leave the rest alone and go on to your next opponent."

What if any positives do you take from today?

"We didn't defend very well today but I thought that on the offensive end of the floor we didn't play like we were intimidated. Obviously we were very shorthanded today from just a body standpoint but I didn't think our kids didn't look like they didn't want to be there on the offensive end. UConn can make you feel that way, like you can never get an open shot, but I thought our kids executed what we were trying to get done. That doesn't mean we always made the shot and we certainly didn't get any offensive rebounds, but I thought we were aggressive on the offensive end."

How is Wilder-Cochran?

"Hurt. Hurt, sore and it's not going to get any better. That's how it's going to be right now, but she's a senior and a warrior. She's going to give us what she can."

UConn has never lost an AAC game.  Has the play of the rest of the league improved over the last four years? How long until someone pulls that upset?

"I think at this point in time it's either Temple or USF right now that are really going to challenge them. I think UConn probably has a different mindset when they go against those two teams, they know they are capable of playing them close. Although Tulane has probably played them the closest of anybody. How long is it going to take? I don't know."