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Saint Joseph's Quotes

March 22, 2013

Gampel Pavilion · Storrs, Connecticut
Friday, March 22


Cindy Griffin, Saint Joseph's Head Coach:

On Ashley Prim's impact to the program:
"She's been our steady, 'Eveready' battery. She is the reason why we have been so successful the last four years. Her and her class have done a lot. She had to come in here and start right away her freshman year; we threw her in the fire and she handled that really well. She's always played with kids who were older and now she is the older one. Developing into that role, as well as accepting that role, she has done unbelievable job and the credit is to her because we would not be here without her."

What does making it to the NCAA tournament mean for you?
"It means a lot. I think a lot of people put emphasis on the coach. I have been here before as a player and a coach at some other schools, one of them being Vanderbilt. For the players to be able to experience this is so important. I am just so happy for them because we all strive for this at our level in the Atlantic 10. It is not like we get seven teams into the NCAA every year. When you do get an opportunity, you want to make the most of it. It is a combination of hard work, our coaching staff has done an unbelievable job and our players want to be here and play for a NCAA championship. It is a step forward for our program to be able to build on that success."

What are your thoughts on Vanderbilt heading into tomorrow?
"They are a very talented team. They've got a very good post player in Tiffany Clarke and very good guard play. They are smart and can attack you from different spots in the court. Their defense is solid and they are scrappy so that they make you think. They are a very solid team."

On the atmosphere you are bringing your team into:
"We just walked in today. This year we were out to UCLA, so these kids, as much as we love and know so much about the game at our age, these kids don't know as much as maybe they should...or maybe they shouldn't. Sometimes it is better just to go in. Our team has the mentality of being fearless. They are going to walk out and give their best and do their best every time they are on the court. I think we should keep it simple this kind of year, just do what we do. Of course there is a little factor in it with the NCAA logo on the court, but that is why we practice today to prepare for tomorrow."



On the team's mentality:
"We have experience in the guard spot. This time of year you have to have good guards playing great basketball and our senior point guard, a junior guard, and a kid at the level that Natasha Cloud plays at gives you advantages in these types of situation. Chatilla van Grinsven is a very talented player and is at a different level herself. I think our kids are better when she is on the floor. The mentality again is that they work hard in every practice, every drill we do is competitive, and we don't like to lose. I think that prepares you for games like tomorrow. They are responsible for all of the success we have had and I want them to enjoy it."

Chatilla van Grinsven, Saint Joseph's Forward:

What is the mental makeup of this team?
"First of all, I think our team has a great fight in us, and every day we practice how we play in our games. In the championship game we were down by 10, and we still ended up winning. I think that says a lot about us. Our mentality is that we're refusing to lose. That's how we go about every single game, especially the first round. Being here at the NCAA Tournament for the first time in so many years means a lot to us."

What attracted you to Saint Joseph's?
"My sister played here on the team and graduated last year. She had such a great experience here at Saint Joseph's University. She loved the coaching staff and her teammates. When I came here I just felt the whole atmosphere and it was amazing to me. I had a whole different level of energy. When I first stepped on campus I knew it was the right place for me."

Ashley Prim, Saint Joseph's Guard:

What does it mean to come back to your home state and play in front of this crowd?
"It means a lot to play in front of my family and friends in one of my last college games back at home. It's just a wonderful opportunity."

What has your career been like at Saint Joseph's?
"My career basically went by in a flash. Just starting my freshman year and getting thrown in there was important. There were a lot of ups and downs throughout the years. It wasn't perfect. No one's college career is perfect, but I think I handled everything well. It's been a wonderful opportunity for me. I'm just so excited and happy that this is how it turned out for my senior year. For us, this is a once in a lifetime chance. We are all blessed to be here."

Why did you choose to attend Saint Joseph's?
"I just wanted to come here and make some type of impact on this program. We've been to the postseason every year since I've been here. It doesn't feel real that we're here. It's a wonderful opportunity. I didn't know this chance was going to happen. I've just hoped for the best and gone out every day and just played the way I've been taught."

What does it mean to you to have played so many games for this team?
"I'm blessed to have the opportunity to play that many games and to be in the postseason my four years here. I'm just happy. It's going to be fun and I'm going to go out there and play with my teammates."

What does it mean to end your career playing in the NCAA tournament?
"It means a lot. It is kind of the cap to my four years playing at Saint Joseph's. To end off in the NCAA tournament is something you dream of. It's a great cap to my senior year. We're refusing to lose. We made it here and we're going to go as far as we possibly can without any regrets. We're going in fighting."

What was your inspiration to play basketball?
"I would give most of the credit to my father, in terms of my demeanor and how I play. He taught me most of what I know now. The rest would come from my family, friends and coaches from AAU to high school, all the way to college. Everyone has been beneficial to helping me grow my game and evolve, but I'll give most of the credit to my father."

Natasha Cloud, Saint Joseph's Guard:

What does it mean to have NCAA experience with Maryland?
"I am the only one with NCAA experience, but I think we all understand that we're blessed. At a school like Maryland that comes more often, but here at Saint Joseph's we have to fight to get to where we are. I think everyone understands that we are blessed for this opportunity and we're going to take it as far as we can."