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BIG EAST Championship Post Game Quotes

Nov. 10, 2013

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UCONN Head Coach, Nancy Stevens

On the defensive battle that ensued:

"It's a great story, we, as you well know, lost 5-0 at Old Dominion. There is a great Japanese quote that says, "Last night a storm destroyed the roof of my house and now I see the moon more clearly." When you fail, you need to look at everything. Old Dominion made us the team we are today because they really found our weaknesses the first time. We did not play well initially and knew we had to make some significant changes. Changes to our starting lineup, positions of certain players, as well as our defensive and attack corner units. I don't know what else you can change. Old Dominion made us the team we are today. We owe them a debt of gratitude. It was a miserable experience to lose in that matter, but our players have great character. Instead of pointing fingers or being negative about it, they found a way to circle the wagons and be incredibly positive. That is because we have great senior leadership, great senior captains, and its now a happy ending."

On the team's defense today:

"I think we started the season with three first year backs. It takes awhile to develop and we felt we would be better at the end of the season then we were earlier on. I think that was evident today...we are very solid on defense now. Sarah Mansfield wasn't tested a lot, but also Sarah is playing very well too. It's a bright spot having four consecutive's a huge positive."

On the team's defensive mentality:

"We play team defense. You have to double-team certain girls because they are very skilled. Roisin was a brilliant defender; she is the heart and soul of the defense. She may be a sophomore, but she is one of the best defenders in the country. She lifted the team when she had a sixty-yard run with the ball at the end of the first half. I think that was a knife right through Old Dominion's defensive heart. That really lifted us and is the reason why we played a better second half then we did first half."