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Postgame Quotes: 11/8/13

Nov. 8, 2013

Temple head coach Amanda Janney

On her thoughts on tonight’s game:

“We played well. I thought we really played strong and we’ve had a great season. I’m really proud of our players. UConn had some great shooting opportunities and they made the most of those chances. I think we needed to get some more shots off but they did a great job putting away the shots they had.”

On playing in tough conditions:

“I think we were fine. I think we have a really tough team, they’re really mentally strong. We were up for the challenge. The weather wasn’t a factor. We train for everything and we were ready.”

On how this team moves forward:

“Going forward it’s tough because we really have amazing seniors. I’m just thrilled I had a chance to coach them. They are just amazing field hockey players that have brought this program to the next level. They were a big part of us being nationally ranked and we’re going to miss them, but moving forward, we’re young and we’re strong. The future is bright.”


UConn head coach Nancy Stevens

On playing in a tough matchup:

“An important thing is that we were able to get the shutout. Going forward into championship play, if you’re really stout defensively you have a much better chance to win. We have three shutouts in our last three games and we’re really happy about that.”

On the importance of Sarah Mansfield in goal:

“We always say that our defense starts with our forwards and their pressing. Everyone has to step up; we play 11 strong on defense. Sarah is the lock on the door. She wasn’t tested too much but I thought Anna Middendorf at center back was outstanding today. Roisin Upton is one of the best defenders in the country so that really helped Sarah out as well.”



On why UConn has been so successful in tournament play:

“Well, ideally you want a line running through the season with an upward trajectory so the arc of the season is upward. We work hard all year for these weekends. You need to peak at the right time. We’ve been fortunate over the years to take our team into the tournaments playing well.”