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Rowing Opens Spring Season At Miami

March 13, 2011

MIAMI, Fla. - The University of Connecticut rowing team opened its spring season on Saturday as it took on Miami in Florida.

In the main race, the Miami varsity eight won in a time of 7:27.6 while the UConn varsity eight came in at 7:37.4 and the Husky junior varsity eight was in third at 7:47.0. The two varsity boats were even midway through the race at the 1,000-meter mark, but the UConn boat hit a buoy which caused the boat to go sideways for a period of time.

Miami won the novice eight race over UConn with a time of 8:10.8 while the Huskies came in at 8:23.6. UConn won the novice four race with a time of 9:50.4 while Miami came in at 9:54.9.

On Thursday, UConn had a scrimmage against Rochester as part of its spring break training trip. The teams raced a six-minute piece, a three- minute piece and a 90-second piece. In the first round of racing, the UConn varsity and second varsity eights came in first and second, while Rochester finished third and fourth in each piece. The novice four also beat Rochester in all three pieces.

In the second round of racing later in the morning, UConn's varsity four A and varsity four B raced Rochester in one piece and finished second and third while Rochester's crews were first and fourth. The novice eight defeated Rochester in one piece. The crews had to return to the dock after the first piece due to thunderstorms and were unable to complete the scrimmage.

The lineups for UConn were the same in both events:

Varsity Eight- freshman Charlotte Kelley (Simsbury, Conn.), junior Diana Filipek (Sewell, N.J.), senior Kim Weber (Ridgefield, Conn.), senior Gretchen Stern (Rexford, N.Y.), senior Lizzie Littlewood (Mystic, Conn.), sophomore Hillary Wiles-Lafayette (Litchfield, Conn.), junior Kate Clarke (Tolland, Conn.), junior Andriel Doolittle (Clinton, Conn.) and junior Brittany DePoi (Brookfield, Conn.). Second Varsity Eight-junior Brittanie Reinold (Sulton, Mass.), junior Amanda Sibley (Old Lyme, Conn.), freshman Natalie Carlone (Fort Washington, Pa.), sophomore Adrienne Barrett (West Granby, Conn.), freshman Madelyn Walters (Orleans, Mass.), junior Mary Grace Haggett (Ledyard, Conn.), sophomore Melissa Soucie (Avon, Conn.), freshman Erin Mounce (Baldwinsvile, N.Y.) and sophomore Deanna Cabrey (Fort Sill, Okla.).



Novice Four-sophomore Ashley Smith (Chicopee, Mass.), freshman Avital Lassow (Mansfield Center, Conn.), sophomore Rachel Hipplewitz (Gales Ferry, Conn.), freshman Tiffany Armas (Blackstone, Mass.) and freshman Abigaal Lowry (Groton, Conn.)

Varsity Four A-sophomore Elizabeth Sarant (Massapequa, N.Y.), senior Audrey Squire (Kinnelon, N.J.), senior Morfia Efthimiou (Stonington, Conn.), sophomore Deanna Cabrey (Fort Sill, Okla.) and senior Amanda Cote (Wakefield, R.I.).

Varsity 4 B-sophomore Laura Poff (South Dartmouth, Mass.), junior Sara Trevisani (Duxbury, Mass.), sophomore Mara Gauger (Winsted, Conn.), junior Ashley Kalinauskas (Vernon, Conn.) and sophomore Jessica Motta (Norwood, Mass.)

Novice Eight-freshman Victoria Dreuhl (Stamford, Conn.), freshman Danielle Donnelly (Lakeside, Conn.), freshman Beth Ryan (Bryn Mawr, Pa.), freshman Ashley West (Dudley, Mass.), junior Caitlin Swallow (South Glastonbury, Conn.), freshman Kelly Fuller (Sunnyvale, Calif.), sophomore Danielle Donahue (Gales Ferry, Conn.), freshman Abigail Lowry (Groton, Conn.) and freshman Chelsea Zabel (Guilford, Conn.)